Friday, November 5, 2010

"Take Back the 20" Sends Blue Dogs Packing

Within days of the passage of ObamaCare, Sarah Palin threw down the gauntlet on the blue-dogs who marched shoulder to shoulder with a gavel wielding Nancy Pelosi.


"We’re going to reclaim the power of the people from those who disregarded the will of the people. We’re going to fire them and send them back to the private sector, which has been shrinking thanks to their destructive government-growing policies. Maybe when they join the millions of unemployed, they’ll understand why Americans wanted them to focus on job creation and an invigorated private sector. Come November, we’re going to print pink slips for members of Congress as fast as they’ve been printing money.

We’re paying particular attention to those House members who voted in favor of Obamacare and represent districts that Senator John McCain and I carried during the 2008 election. Three of these House members are retiring – from Arkansas’s 2nd district, Indiana’s 8th district, and Tennessee’s 6th district – but we’ll be working to make sure that those who replace them are Commonsense Conservatives. The others are running for re-election, and we’re going to hold them accountable for this disastrous Obamacare vote. They are: Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-1), Harry E. Mitchell (AZ-5), Gabrielle Giffords (AZ-8), John Salazar (CO-3), Betsy Markey (CO-4). Allen Boyd (FL-2), Suzanne M. Kosmas (FL-24), Baron P. Hill (IN-9), Earl Pomeroy (ND-AL), Charlie Wilson (OH-6), John Boccieri (OH-16), Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-3), Christopher Carney (PA-10), John M. Spratt, Jr. (SC-5), Tom Perriello (VA-5), Alan B. Mollohan (WV-1), and Nick J. Rahall II (WV-3)."


You may recall the outrage by the left-wing press and many elected Democrats over the "gun sights" she utilized on her "Take Back the 20" map.

Several months later, Palin doubled down on her efforts by launching a website dedicated to the effort, called "Take Back the 20."

20 House Democrats from districts we carried in 2008 voted for the health care bill

It’s been six months since President Obama signed his health care bill into law. Despite overwhelming public dislike of Obamacare, we were told that Washington knows best and there was nothing to worry about. Nancy Pelosi said Congress had to pass the bill so that Americans could “find out what is in it.” We found out that it’s even worse than we feared.

Join me in standing against those who stood with Obama and Pelosi in voting for this disastrous bill. The Democrats from 20 districts we carried in 2008 voted for Obamacare. Now we can vote against them.

Let’s replace them with good conservatives who will vote to repeal and replace Obamacare with patient-centered, results-driven, free market reform that provides solutions to people of all income levels without bankrupting our country.

Let’s reclaim the power of the people from those who disregarded the will of the people.

Don't get demoralized, get organized. It's time to take a stand.
The end result?...18-2. Not too shabby. Rush Limbaugh agrees.

“If anybody is an obvious winner here . . . it would be Palin. Look at the grief and the mockery that she got for putting what the media claimed were targets on 20 Democrat incumbents on her website. Look at the grief that she's got ever since she was named McCain's running mate. Eighteen of those Democrats she targeted lost. That's a pretty amazing and impressive record. Sarah Palin targeted a bunch of Democrats for defeat, and 18 of them lost. That's more than any Republican elites are doing.”

Never underestimate the political instincts of Sarah Palin. If she decides to run for President, she will run circles around her opponents--tactically speaking. Here's a great ad from her Gubernatorial campaign. Expect more like this in the near future.


BOSMAN said...


You've pointed out WHAT SHE SAID.

Would you give us some examples of what ACTIONS aside from Tweets and Facebook entries that she mounted that achieved these goals?

Right Wingnut said...


Several, if not all, have recieved PAC money(Don't ask me to research and dig it up--it's not worth my time.)

When Sarah Palin endorses a candidate or mounts a campaign like "Take Back the 20," it's front page news. Candidates that were previously unknown to those outside the district or state they're in benefit from a larger platform, which affords them the opportunity to raise more money and stir the grass-roots element of the party. The controversy over the "gun sights" helped the cause that much more. It brought needed attention to the efforts. The end result?...18 and 2. Once again, the media's attempts to destroy Palin blew up in their face.

None of the other 2012 hopefuls could replicate this on the same scale, which is why the "cocktail party" Republicans are working so hard to destroy her. It will only make her stronger.

Bill589 said...

Just the fact that Palin kept the TPM in the Republican party, instead of going third party, energized and saved the Republican party.

If Mitt, Huck, Newt, (anybody else), wasn’t fighting for us over the last two years, things might be a little different. But if you take Sarah and the Tea party out of the last two years, establishment Republicans would be compromising our Constitution into oblivion, we would have two big government parties - slightly different sides of the same coin, and our children’s schools would be learning, even more so, that statism is good. (People can’t govern themselves, you silly little kid. Now turn around and pledge allegiance to Obama.)

She was attacking Obama, before it was cool.

exodus2011 said...

Gov Palin is front and center, leading the people, taking the shots for America ....

Anonymous said...

How to rewrite the story... During the last few weeks she campaigned very hard for Angle, COD, Fiorina, Raese, Miller. She endorsed Tancredo. They ALL lost (Miller still waiting but in second position).
Martinez, Haley were endorsed before the primaries but won without Palin's help Nov. 2.
The big LOSER today is Palin

Bill589 said...

And the anonymous one rewrites the story. But the truth is that all the media was talking about Palin after the election. The pros telling the truth, and the cons showing us who they are afraid of. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be talking about ONLY her so much. Remember, she’s irrelevant.

cookboy said...

We're in the toilet. Without Sarah Palin, we're drowning in the sewer. She is the only visible pol who's been shouting "His hands on the lever, and he's gonna flush!" thereby giving us a chance to climb out.

Ann said...

Right Wingnut,

Bosman poses a good question in the first comment. Just name a few actions she performed.

Bill589 said...


Palingates is an anti-Palin blog that has lied continuously since it began. One lie is enough to make them lose all credibility. Duh. Go back to your Obama site.


Even if it’s just the bold things she says in the media, I see that as still more courage than what I understand other’s do.

Granted, Palin’s approach is high risk, very high risk, and any mistake is magnified 1000x, but this is possibly the only way she can beat the establishment GOP. It also shows courage in a leadership position. Romney may be very courageous, but he doesn’t show it like Palin, so how will we know? I don’t want a President who might compromise with socialism. Entitlements are possibly our liberty’s number one enemy. No solution is easy; every possible solution I’ve heard would be pretty darn scary to any politician. But I’m thinking of my children’s children, the quality of their lives, and what they’ll think of our generation.

Btw, if Romney wins the primary, I’ll vote for him, and pray for him everyday. Just sayin’.

I’m glad I recently learned Mitt is for repealing Obamacare. That’s a big plus for me.

Btw2 - I found out my dad bought ‘No Apologies’, but I forgive him. I was going to hide it on him, and replace it with ‘Going Rogue’, but he’d know it was me, and he can still beat me up.

Anonymous said...

Palin has the opportunity to take Palingates down- why doesn't she do it?

Right Wingnut said...

Bosman, I realize that you want a free and open forum, but anonymous comments about trig-trutherism conspiracies and similar garbage should be the exception. I wouldn't approve of similar attacks on Romney, Huckabee or anyone else. It does little to enhance the reputation of the site.

BOSMAN said...


Feel free to delete that garbage like that next time. I'll do this one for you. That wasn't a comment, it was BS!

kelly said...

It was a good op-ed. Clearly Palin is not as talented as Romney in this area. If she wants to gain more support, she will have to do more than motivational speech. Some meat and potatoes would be nice.

Revolution 2010 said...


You've pointed out WHAT SHE SAID.

Would you give us some examples of what ACTIONS aside from Tweets and Facebook entries that she mounted that achieved these goals?"


Bosman, nailed it!