Friday, November 5, 2010

Did the Tea Party's mixed mid-term results, Help or Hurt Mitt Romney?

The Boston Globe had an interesting article yesterday that concluded that Mitt Romney may have been  helped by the Tea Party losses.

It pointed out that some analysts say the extent of the Tea Party movement’s influence on the GOP presidential primaries is unclear after the mixed results of the midterm elections Tuesday. The movement’s high-profile losses, especially Sharron Angle’s failure to knock off Senate majority leader Harry Reid in Nevada and as well as defeats in Colorado and Delaware Senate races, have strengthened contentions among party regulars that electing a candidate strongly affiliated with the Tea Party could hurt GOP chances of capturing the White House.

Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, said he had thought Romney’s hopes would be dashed by a strong showing of the movement in the midterms. But after analyzing Tea Party losses in Senate contests, Sabato reached a different conclusion. “Now mainstream Republicans will rethink the nomination, and that will help Romney and some others,’’ he said.

Palin's protégés in Delaware and Nevada, and possibly Alaska, fumbled chances to help the GOP retake the Senate, were pointed out as examples.

Romney had demonstrated a willingness to work with the Tea Party by donating to candidates campaigns after their primary wins. Although, some members were upset when Romney injected himself into the Utah primary in support of Bob Bennett.

The article points out how Romney has several advantages going into a White House Bid:
  • high name recognition
  • a strong national political network
  • the potential to self-finance a presidential run
  • a legion of grateful Republican candidates whom he showered with campaign contributions.
Although The Romney campaign refused to comment about a possible Presidential run, Romney's spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom, noted that the former governor has worked hard behind the scenes to elect Republicans in the midterms, with his political action committee donating $1.1 million to 500 candidates and organizations this year and with Romney visiting 32 states.

If Romney is to win the nomination, the article points out that, He must, however, carve a path somewhere between the powers in the Republican Party — the Tea Party movement and the establishment.

The Complete article can be read HERE.


Right Wingnut said...

If O'Donnell's and Angle's losses mean trouble for the tea party, what does Whitman's and three-time loser, Rossi's losses mean for the establishment? I'll even throw Fiorina in there for good measure, even though she was Palin's choice. I'm sure there are many others. Without the tea party, I doubt we would have seen the same results nationwide. Does anyone believe we would have taken 670 state level seats (many tea party candidates) without the efforts of the tea party?

I don't recall Romney attending a single tea party event. Do you expect that to change?

Right Wingnut said...

Mitt Romney won't be invited to the Tea Party

SALT LAKE CITY -- Republicans might consider Mitt Romney a Presidential contender in 2012, but he may not have the backing of the growing Tea Party movement.

Related: Republicans promise limited government
Republicans are echoing the unrelenting demand of tea party activists whose energy and votes helped to fuel the largest turnover in the House in more than 70 years.Utah Tea Party organizer David Kirkham tells KSL, the problem with Mitt Romney is his record.

"You know, he supported TARP, big supporter of TARP, and of course that's what took Sen. Bennett down -- and Massachusetts Romney-care," Kirkham said.

Aaron G. said...

Romney headlined a teaparty rally in RI just before the midterm elections. There have been other times, as well.

Bill589 said...

Palin often gets credit for keeping the TPM in the Republican party, instead of going third party. I agree. The GOP elite should be thanking her, not attacking her.

Anonymous said...


If anyone deserves credit for keeping the Tea Party in line, It's Jim DeMint. He will also deliver them to Romney in 2012.


Anonymous said...

Right Wingnut,

Whitman and Fiorina, were trying to get elected in CA. Whitman's downfall was the housekeeper incident. Fiorina was doing fine until Palin started her week long in your face Californis tour. I'm sure that convinced undecided/Independents to vote for Brown.

Delaware and Alaska were fine, until the Tea Party and Palin got involved.


Anonymous said...

"Delaware and Alaska were fine, until the Tea Party and Palin got involved." Haha, if you call the possibility of electing a cap and tax Republican fine, than we have real problems.

It is a little to early to tell how the elections effects Mr. Romney. If the new Congress is able to help the economy and repeal ObamaCare, than, it will probably help Mr. Romney, if not I for one would not support him him in the general let alone primary.


Ann said...

The Tea Party does not speak for me.

Bill589 said...

Better a Dem than a RINO.
The new Republican party has standards.

Ronald Reagan -
“A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers.”

Anonymous said...

The establishment no longer speaks for me. Certainly not until they clean the mess they made.


Bill589 said...

Zeke -

I like DeMint too. But even he doesn’t command the crowds like Palin.

kelly said...

The Tea Party and Republican party better BOTH realize, that they won't win anything in 2012, if they don't compromise.

A compromise is not, my way or the highway.

Revolution 2010 said...

I've been with the Tea Party in the NE area since the beginning. 75% of the people I know, have a high regard for Mitt Romney. Many also believe that Palin is one of many voiced of the movement. Some like her and want her POTUS, many more don't because they don't believe she's ready for prime time.

We have someone like that already. We don't need 2 in a row no matter how well intentioned she is.

Anonymous said...

Haha, the (mildly caffeinated) Tea Party is the compromise between the the High Octane highly caffeinated Coffeeites who want to get rid of all government Department (including Defense) and the De-Caf elite who are content to go along with the Dems and cut nothing. Hey, I'll be content if you just get rid of the Department of Education. You can keep the rest as long as you make some cuts.


BOSMAN said...



I wouldn't worry about the effects of the SLC Tea Party. They can't HIJACK the Presidential Primary like they did with Bennett with a handful of load mouths.

Romney will pull 80% there even if he caught streaking at a Jazz game!

carlo said...

I went to Tea Party rallies in Florida. Romney is well liked down here. My parents are big fans of his.