Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mitt Romney: Still quietly busy building a potential 2012 Coalition

I found this article the other day and almost didn't read it. It was about a groundbreaking event for the GW Bush Library. It was a slow news day yesterday other than what seemed to be a Fox News attempt at stymieing the results of their 12 in '12 series Presidential preference poll by launching a second one, so I decided to read it.

It seems that after the GW Bush event, there was another hidden in this article. The second event called by the writer of the article, a "heavy-duty meet-and-greet", took place at the home of Billionaires Alice and Keith Mosing.
While there was no official announcement regarding a run in 2012, his remarks were all about returning the country to the hands of the "conservative movement."
Long time friend and supporter L.E. Simmons put it this way to Governor Romney,
"We're going to rely on your help to make this all happen." The unspoken "this" obviously another run at the White House for the former Massachusetts governor.
Other BIG NAME attendees at the event were, Ned Holmes, Herb Butrum, Julie and Dr. David Brown, Ginny Simmons, Joanne King Herring, Nancy and Lucian Morrison, Jim Braniff, Gary Petersen, Carolyn Farb, Astrid and Gene Van Dyke, Lilly and Thurmon Andress, David Jones and Martha Adger and Jim Maged.

You can read the entire article HERE.

What I took away from this article was Mitt Romney quietly working behind the scenes to re-kindle friendships, make new friends, and more importantly, visit with current and future backers and donors of a potential 2012 run.

Even Mike Huckabee and Larry Sabato both agree that this kind of work is necessary in Huckabee's 12 in '12 interview. See 1:00 to 1:30 mark:


phil said...

Mitt Romney is covering all the bases for 2012!

kelly said...

Smart moves by a smart man.

Doug NYC GOP said...

All the talk this past election cycle was getting everyone ginned up and had folks thinking they would get 80-90 seats for the GOP. We won in the mid 60's - an outstanding result.

Now all the talk is how the new social media and the TP will revolutionize Prsidential politics, etc.

That may be partly true, but not on the scope some think or hope. You still need to put in the time and pay attention to the fundemantals of the race.

Mitt Romney Inauguration Day January 20, 2013

Anonymous said...

Romney is lining up folks to fund his campaign while Palin Tweets and Huckabee preaches at events for religious organizations.

If they decide to run, they'll both cry poor mouth when they can't compete.

Nothing like planning ahead.


Right Wingnut said...

Romney is lining up folks to fund his campaign--Zeke

...and if he wins he will owe many favors to the Wall Street crowd. Isn't that fantastic?

Revolution 2010 said...


nice try. He's simply planning ahead. Most of these people have so much money, they're giving it away to charities/foundations and have a true love for this country and what used to be opportunities for people to become wealthy themselves, until BO took the reigns.