Sunday, November 7, 2010

Michael Reagan: "The others don't have the passion that Sarah Palin has"

Michael Reagan was perhaps the first to dub Sarah Palin as "Reagan in a dress." Following her rousing speech at the 2008 RNC Convention, he penned a piece for Townhall, entitled "Welcome Back, Dad."

"I've been trying to convince my fellow conservatives that they have been wasting their time in a fruitless quest for a new Ronald Reagan to emerge and lead our party and our nation. I insisted that we'd never see his like again because he was one of a kind.

"I was wrong!"

"Wednesday night I watched the Republican National Convention on television and there, before my very eyes, I saw my Dad reborn; only this time he's a she."

"And what a she!"

"In one blockbuster of a speech, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin resurrected my Dad's indomitable spirit and sent it soaring above the convention center, shooting shock waves through the cynical media's assigned spaces and electrifying the huge audience with the kind of inspiring rhetoric we haven't heard since my Dad left the scene."

"This was Ronald Reagan at his best -- the same Ronald Reagan who made the address known now solely as "The Speech," which during the Goldwater campaign set the tone and the agenda for the rebirth of the traditional conservative movement that later sent him to the White House for eight years and revived the moribund GOP."


"Like Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin is one of us. She knows how most of us live because that's the way she lives. She shares our homespun values and our beliefs, and she glories in her status as a small-town woman who put her shoulder to the wheel and made life better for her neighbors."


"Sarah Palin didn't go to Harvard, or fiddle around in urban neighborhood leftist activism while engaging in opportunism within the ranks of one of the nation's most corrupt political machines, never challenging it and going along to get along, like Barack Obama."

"Instead she took on the corrupt establishment in Alaska and beat it, rising to the governorship while bringing reforms to every level of government she served in on her way up the ladder."

"Welcome back, Dad, even if you're wearing a dress and bearing children this time around."

Fast forward two years. Despite the constant attempts to damage her by the "Cocktail Party" element of the GOP, Sarah Palin has emerged as the most influential figure in the party.

A few days ago, Michael Reagan spoke with Megyn Kelly of Fox News.

"If the boys don't catch up quickly, it could be evening in America for them."

"Ronald Reagan was probably the original tea party, because they said the same things about him"

Keep attacking, Peggy and Karl! You, and the rest of the "ruling class" have now revealed your hand. If you're at all familiar with her rise to the Governorship, you should know that it will result in a much stronger, more influential Sarah Palin. Bring it on!


Greg said...

It's already evening in America for the likes of Pawlenty, who spent his time campaigning for himself in IA and NH, and ignored campaigning for Tom Emmer in MN. It's already evening for Romney as well, witness the complete wipe out of the gop in MA, his home base.

Palin deserves a lot of the credit for helping the gop win the votes of more women than the dems did in this cycle. You'll notice that the gop elites who are ready to bash Palin at the drop of a hat, never mentions this little gem from the exit polling. The gop hasn't won the female vote in decades, the difference this year was Sarah Palin becoming the face of the gop.

BOSMAN said...

"Sarah Palin has emerged as the most influential figure in the party."



Tell that to those people in the National polls that she keeps finishing 3rd or 4th in.

Tell that to the voters in Delaware, Nevada, California, and Alaka.

They didn't get the memo.

Anonymous said...

"Michael Reagan: "The others don't have the passion that Sarah Palin has"



Anonymous said...

"An Palin doesn't have the SMARTS" Haha, no she is just a stupid Capitalist. She does not have the smarts to make Socialism work.


Revolution 2010 said...

Peggy Noonan hit the nail on the head. See Bosmans post, one post down.

Noonan knows the difference between both Palin's and Reagan's qualities. To disagree with what she is saying is to agree that Palin is like Reagan. SHE IS NOT, and has a LONG WAY TO GO, before she would have anywhere near the life experience he had before running for President.

Other than views, the only other difference between Palin and Obama is that she is a Republican, At least, for now!

Right Wingnut said...

Sorry Rev, but Peggy Noonan lost all credibility by supporting Obama in 2008. I'm with Michael Reagan on this one.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry Rev, but Peggy Noonan lost all credibility by supporting Obama in 2008." Bingo! For the record, I do not think that Mrs. Palin and Mr. Reagan are one and the same; no two people are, anyone who puts stock into Mrs. Noonan is a sucker.


Bill589 said...

The Establishment GOP, or Cocktail Party, speaks of Palin exactly as they spoke of Reagan. The main difference I see between them, is that she’s prettier. (But that part is just my opinion.)

She’ll handle the Cocktail Party as Reagan did in 1980 - She’ll beat them with the people. They have more votes than the GOP.

Revolution 2010, you should thank Palin for your screen name. And Palin has infinitely more executive experience than Obama. (Business owner, Mayor, Oil & Gas Commiss., Gov.) He has none. Do research before you comment; you don’t want to lose credibility like Noonan.

Anonymous said...

"And Palin has infinitely more executive experience than Obama." Shhhh, don't tell them the facts and spoil it for the Barackafeller Obamicans.


Anonymous said...



Shame on you for promoting incompetence. How dare you criticize Obama for lacking experience when your candidate of choice is in the same league. Palin= Obama.

She is no Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan brought a resume with him to the Presidency far and above any thing Palin has yet to accomplish in her life. The fact that you, her supporters compare her to Reagan shows your complete lack of understanding as to what it takes to be President of the United States.

If you all persist in your support of Palin, we will have to suffer 4 more years of Obama.

But maybe that is what it will take. Palin will have to run, win the nomination and lose the general and then and only then will her delusional supporters get what 67% of the American public gets today....she is not qualified to be President.

"According to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, just 27 percent of those surveyed see her as qualified for the presidency while 67 percent say she’s not qualified. “Palin appears to have gained little luster from the success of the tea party political movement with which she'd aligned,” ABC News reported. “Just 39 percent of registered voters see her favorably, the most basic measure of a public figure's popularity.”

Shame on you all.

Sapwolf said...

Sarah is like Reagan when you look at their beliefs on the issues.

Noonan is very jealous and catty about Sarah. Anybody can see/read it.

The truth is that if Sarah runs, she will probably win the GOP nomination. And, when the American people are faced with the choice between the radical Obama in a bad economy vs. Sarah, who came of age politically during Reagan's two terms, they will vote for Sarah because she believes what Reagan believes and is a much more experienced and effective executive/leader.

No she is not the giant that Reagan was, but the GOP really has no other choices if they want the TPM and someone who can begin the journey of rolling back 'leviathan'.

Romney being chosen would lead to a Third-Party. He can't win the primary due to his flip-floppin and Romneycare.

Sapwolf said...

I have talked to 32 people in Ohio about the GOP Primary. Of the 32, 2 are Dems.

When I asked them who they would vote for in the general election if it was Sarah vs. Obama, and ALL of them said of course they'd vote for Sarah.

Obama is hated by 55%+ of Ohioans. There is no way Obama wins Ohio in 2012 over Sarah if the economy is not fully recovered including Ohio unemployment is down and jobs are coming back.

Remember, in politics you only have to defeat your opponent, not ALL opponents.

Sarah will take the following states back from Obama in 2012 and win:

Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida,

plus ONE of the following: Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, or New Hampshire.

That's it. She's President.

kelly said...

Why don't one of you PALINITES, tell us where Noonan is wrong in her article.

I don't care who she voted for in 08. WHERE IS SHE WRONG HERE?

Sapwolf said...

Palin TV commercial - August, 2011

A man and woman, both in their early twenties, probably in college, driving a Volvo with an "Obama '08" bumper sticker. They are goofing around (I won't elaborate on what they are up to while driving at high speed), and the young man loses control of the car and ends up in a ditch off the road. Narrator starts talking about how the country's current leaders are foolish and spending our future away, unemployment high, etc.

Cut away to a tow-truck operator (you are looking from their eyes in their cab, a photo of a man and a woman and their kids clipped to the car's sunvisor is noticeable.) as they approach and stop their truck, greet the stranded youngsters and get to work. Narrator now switches to what the country needs, including honesty with the American people and common sense, and the need for TAKE CHARGE leadership. The TV add ends with the two getting into the cab and saying thanks to the operator. The scene flashes to a front view of them and the operator/truck driver is a woman.

They pull out with the Volvo in tow, and as they slowly pull away, the camera lowers and zooms on the bumper sticker that says: "Palin 2012 - Common Sense Leadership"

It is that simple. Grounded wisdom/common-sense, or recklessness.

Sapwolf said...


Noonan was wrong in her whole premise.

The electorate did NOT vote for maturity.

The electorate voted against STATISM and the ARROGANCE of the Democrats.

kelly said...

You still didn't answer my question, WHERE is Noonan wrong about Palin?

Anonymous said...

"How dare you criticize Obama for lacking experience when your candidate of choice is in the same league. Palin= Obama." Okaaaaaay, who let the clowns? A great Governor of a great state is equal to a Community Organizer???? And then the elite wonder why they are not trusted. Head in sand alert!

"Why don't one of you PALINITES, tell us where Noonan is wrong in her article." She is wrong because Mrs. Palin is the only adult in the house. Unlike the rest of the party, she never gave up or compromised. She supported candidate like Mr. Duffy and Dr. Paul who were given up for dead yet they came back and won.



phil said...


No one will answer your question regarding the relevancy of the CONTENT of Noonan's statement, because they know her statement is correct.

All they will do is try to change the subject. Like OHIO JOE commenting before me.

Maybe he's answering a question, but it's not yours.

Right Wingnut said...

The point many of us are trying to make is lost on this. Like many conservatives, we don't care what Noonan thinks. She supported Obama in 2008. Palin has sounding the warning bell since day one. There are many others besides Noonan that have come away looking David "I like the crease in his pants" Brooks, Buckley, Powell, etc. etc.

We care about what conservatives like Michael Reagan think....not Obama loving squishes or beltway snobs with an agenda.

While many in the GOP have been urging us to "move past" Reagan, Palin has be consistent in her desire to return to his vision of American exceptionalism and his belief in limited government. Apparently, some in the Cocktail Party have a problem with that.

Anonymous said...


Tracey said...


The Great Governor of Alaska made decisions that were about to back fire so she jumped ship and ran from her responsibilities and quit her job. She did not complete her term as Governor. She could not handle the stress of her job.

Now you want to propel her to the highest office in the land.

Your the clown with his head in the sand.

Right Wingnut said...

Tracey, What policy decisions backfired? Specific examples please...

carlo said...

She is no Ronald Reagan. She should be careful of what she says. It sounded as if she was saying what's good for Reagan is good for me to.

If that's the case, she needs to return to Alaska and run and be elected to 2 more FULL TERMS.

Tracey said...

Hey Wingnut,

Here the specific examples you ask for...Happy Reading.

Here are some exerpts:

When Ms. Palin made it back to Alaska in November, the state that had once given her an 83 percent approval rating was no longer so enchanted. Democrats who had been crucial to her governing coalition now saw her as a foe. Republican leaders who had previously lost fights with her smelled weakness. An abortion bill she supported requiring parental consent stalled, the Legislature rejected her choice for attorney general and lawmakers became skeptical of the natural gas pipeline effort.

She was met at the Capitol by a growing pile of ethics complaints filed by opponents that, under Alaska state law, had to be investigated.

By all accounts, Ms. Palin became consumed with the complaints, no matter how small-bore — which many were — or where they came from.

Even Ms. Palin’s supporters came to believe that she was losing focus amid all the fighting.

Amid all the turmoil, Ms. Palin’s enthusiasm for the job itself seemed to be waning, her office appointment books from January 2007 through this May indicate. Since her return from the national campaign her days have typically started later and ended earlier, and the number of meetings with local legislators and mayors has declined. The calendars were provided to The New York Times by Andree McLeod, who obtained them through a public records request and has filed ethics complaints against Ms. Palin.

Tracey said...


In the event you do want to read the specific examples of how Ms. Palin could not handle of her job, I am posting the link to the article on the chat.

Anonymous said...

What a difference a day makes. Micheal has changed his mind. Sarah is too Polarizing.