Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Michael Reagan on Sarah Palin: "Has a shot (at being President), NO!

The other day, RIGHT SPEAK contributor Right Wingnut had a post entitled, "Michael Reagan: "The others don't have the passion that Sarah Palin has". In it he tries to defend Palin against what Peggy Noonan wrote in a WSJ article by highlighting what Michael Reagan said about Sarah Palin. Here is an excerpt from that post:
Fast forward two years. Despite the constant attempts to damage her by the "Cocktail Party" element of the GOP, Sarah Palin has emerged as the most influential figure in the party.
I don't know if I agree with RWN, that it's a "Cocktail Party" element of the GOP, I would agree however that the majority of Americans see Palin as an energy force in the Republican party. I would also partially agree with Michael Reagan that, "The others don't have the passion that Sarah Palin has".

It's not Palin's energy or passion that's the problem with many of her non-fans. It's an electability and not ready for prime time problem. Sarah Palin's electability problems are not just with the so called, "Cocktail Party" element of the Republican Party, but with the almost 70% of Americans that feel she is unqualified to be President. What's the point of winning a nomination, when you can't win the general?

So yes, I agree with Michael Reagan's assessment of Sarah, that she does have oodles of ENERGY and PASSION.

I also agree with him in when he says that Palin, "has a shot, NO........ She's is to polarizing to be elected the President of the U.S.A."

Fast forward to around the 4:05 mark:

Now I know all the Palin supporters will state something like, "He (Reagan) doesn't know what he's talking about". Well, according at least one Palin supporter who commented the other day, HE DOES:
"We care about what conservatives like Michael Reagan think....not Obama loving squishes or beltway snobs with an agenda." - Right Wingnut


Anonymous said...

Michael Reagan is correct.

President, NO!
Cheerleader, YES!


Ann said...

I agree with Reagan and I'm not anti-Palin for doing it.

Palin has a voice in the Republican party, YES.
She is passionate in her beliefs, YES.
She is ready to be President, NO!

phil said...

The absence of Pro-Palin comments is deafening.

Right Wingnut said...

Oh well.

Less than a week ago...

"If the boys don't catch up quickly, it could be evening in America for them."

"Ronald Reagan was probably the original tea party, because they said the same things about him"

And now this. Someone in the beltway slapped him around a bit. That's fine. Palin will prove everyone wrong just like his father did, and when it happens, he'll jump back on the bandwagon. You guys can have him. I'd rather have Rick Perry in my corner anyway...

I'm glad you had your fun for the day. :-)

Ann said...

Right Wingnut,

Don't feel to bad. How were you to know that his praises for Palin were specific to her non-Presidential aspirations. Just don't be so quick on the trigger next time.