Monday, November 15, 2010

Jim DeMint is has high hopes for The Bush Tax cuts and banning earmarks.

Here is Chris Wallace with Jim DeMint on Fox News Sunday:

It’s going to be interesting if anything will get accomplished during the Lame Duck sessions. It appears that Demint would be willing to compromise on extending the tax cuts for 2 or more years for everyone, if President Obama is not willing to make them permanent.
In regards to earmarks, it appears that more Senators are signing up on the ban earmarks bandwagon. According to the Washington Independent,
With the pressure mounting before the vote on earmarks in tomorrow’s Republican Conference meeting, a growing number of senators are coming out with statements in favor of Sen. Jim DeMint’s (R-S.C.) proposed moratorium on the practice.
At this point, there are 19 Senators committed to voting on a earmark moratorium tomorrow. There is an active list HERE. That list s updated as more Senators make up their minds.

Here is someone else that agrees that there should be a ban. Care to sign a petition? Just click below:


Is it just me, or have Mitt Romney and Jim DeMint been agreeing with each other more and more lately?


Aaron G. said...

Romney is, no doubt, beefing up his DeMint alliance so as to capture the Tea Party vote when DeMint endorses him :)

kelly said...

I'm really starting to like Jim DeMint. I hope he and Romney get together in 2012.

Anonymous said...


Romney / DeMint in 2012!


phil said...

remember to sign the petition. follow the 'stand against earmarks' box above.

Corep said...

Demint has long been a fan of Romney. Even in this cycle when people were saying that Mitt wasnt Tea Party enough for them Demint came out and said specifically when asked that Romney was a long time friend and someone he admired and liked.

I wont be surprised at all to see a Romney/Demint ticket. Also expect to see Haley support Romney not Palin in SC. After all Romney put $63,000 into her campaign and gave her logistical advice when no one else knew her name.