Thursday, October 28, 2010

Slow News Day News (2nd Edition)

The following stories caught my interest today. I decided to share them with ROS and RIGHT SPEAK viewers:

Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney: Joe Biden visit won’t help Keating in 10th

Haley makes campaign stop in Summerville with Mitt

Romney stumps in South Carolina as Mulvaney opens lead on Spratt

Mitt Romney Encourages his Supporters to Back Dan Webster

While Mitt Romney has been busy campaigning and fund raising non-stop for mid-term election candidates across the country, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, and Mike Huckabee have also been in the news.

Newt Gingrich:

Gingrich to stump for Nathan Deal

Rachel Maddow- Newt Gingrich scams with prize patrol

Sarah Palin:

Sarah Palin's Alaska Favorite Continues Downward Slide

Sarah Palin plays TV tour guide in her home state

Karl Rove questions Sarah Palin's suitability for president

Has Sarah Palin cost Republicans the Senate?

Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has unlikely admirer in rocker John Mellencamp

Exclusive Entertainment Tonight's Interview with Sarah Palin airing tonight 10-28-10 

Note: The video may start automatically. You will need to press pause to stop the audio.

Mike Huckabee:

Mike Huckabee Loves Torche

Mike Huckabee Encourages Americans To “Vote Their Faith”


Anonymous said...

Gingrich is a faker!
He's going through the motions to make money from his speaking, dvd's, and new book sales.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I really can't stand Sarah Palin's voice.


Anonymous said...

Huckabee playing the Religious card again. Same MO as 2008.


Bill589 said...

Rove’s an old establishment ‘Cocktail Party’ Republican.
Sarah’s a new ‘Tea Party’ Republican.

Out with the old. In with the new.
It’ll take us a few elections, but we’ll fix the party Rove helped compromise away.

Bill589 said...

Ages ago, I thought Newt would be a fantastic president. Lately though, I get too much of a ‘phoney’ vibe from him. Too much ‘tell me what (he thinks) I want to hear.’ No authenticity.

When it was small, he dismissed the TPM. When it got big, he was always on board. Now - not sure. I think he’s waiting to see if it will continue to grow toward 2012. That’s not leading. That’s weaseling.

BOSMAN said...


Carl Rove is a smart guy. He's not saying any more about Palin than I am or 70% of Americans. She's a good person. She's just not ready YET for prime time. If she stays involved in politics, serves perhaps in a cabinet position, and learns the issues affecting America INSIDE OUT, then 2020 isn't that far off.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that makes a President viable is if the American public votes for them. I always said you have to pay attention to what Palin did in Alaska...she had a stellar record and was the most popular Governor in the country.

Rove sees his star fading. His antics are antiquated and divisive. Palin is the future of the party. A run will only help. It won't matter if she wins or loses in 2012...she will be President of the United States at some point in the future.


Granny T said...

Zeke said, "Huckabee playing the Religious card again. Same MO as 2008."

Didn't you notice that the video was addressed to those involved in the cause of "renewing America"? This is from About Renew America:


RenewAmerica began in January 2002 as a grassroots support for Alan Keyes' MSNBC TV show "Alan Keyes Is Making Sense." Over the years, the website has evolved into a significant Christian political vehicle

What was wrong with what Mike said to that group? It's sounds like the message was right on target.