Wednesday, October 27, 2010

John McCain gets a tough question

"If she runs, will she have your support? (Sarah Palin)" I know!  I know! No one is a declared candidate. It's to early to pick sides. Know one knows who's running yet.

Saying that, I couldn't help but wonder why John McCain, who is known for being blunt, seems to go ON AND ON about his answer of whether he could support Palin. I haven't seen quality dancing like that since watching Fred Astaire do these dance moves:

Look at McCain's face, watch him smile and bite his lip at the 2:40 minute mark when her name was mentioned (I thought I'd try to apply some body language techniques learned from the show, Lie To Me). The Senator known for simple sentences, seemed to wish he was somewhere else. I thought he handled himself quite well though, considering the camera was on him. No Joe Miller or Christine O'Donnell moments.

Some fine Generic responses:

"Would make an outstanding candidate",
"I'm proud of her",
"Continue to play a major roll in the American political scene.",
"Continue to hold her in the highest regard",
"Entertaining to watch".

You're OK John. You made it. Hopefully, no more TOUGH QUESTIONS until after election day.


Anonymous said...

He rolled his eyes as well.

Anonymous said...

I can't see McCain endorsing Palin in 2012. He has to know, she's not ready yet. If I was a betting man, I'd say he endorses Romney.


Right Wingnut said...

If he rolled his eyes, it must have been off camera, because I didn't see it. His answer was fine with me. Personally, I prefered it when he compared her to Reagan last week.

Anonymous said...

It's to early for McCain to commit. Ask him again, next Wednesday.