Sunday, October 31, 2010

Will Sarah Palin run for President in 2012?

Sarah Palin made news today. She didn't commit to running for President in 2012, but left the door open. The intense scrutiny of every word she utters never ceases to amaze me. Just this week, she gave the following response when asked about her plans for 2012.

"I think, still, it is too early for anybody to get out there declaring what their intentions are. For me, Mary, it's going to entail a discussion with my family, a real close look at the lay of the land, and to consider whether there are those with that common sense, conservative, pro-Constitution passion - whether there are any candidates out there who can do the job."

But then she added, "If there's nobody else to do it, then of course I would believe that we should do this."
For some odd reason, many on the left and on the right believe that this response, and others like it, indicates that she won't run. Just for fun, I compiled some recent quotes from several of the other potential Presidential candidates.

Mitt Romney:

"I can’t tell you what will happen; but I can tell you that there will be somebody who runs in the Republican party who can get this country right again. I want to commit that I will either be that person, or I will be working my tail off for that person, and I want you to as well because we’ve got to take back America."
Newt Gingrich:

"You'd only run if you thought it was your duty — you'd only run if you thought that the country needed a fundamental resetting of the course, and if you thought that you could play a role in having that happen."

Also, Gingrich said, he would listen to the opinions of his family.
Mike Huckabee:

"Hadn't made that decision and won't until probably after the mid-term elections, but it's pretty evident that if I do I may headquarter the whole thing right here in East Tennessee."

"Well it's a very different place than I was three years ago when I was an asterisk in the polls It's really too early to tell what that means so I don't get all excited about it. We'll just have to see where things turn out a year from now."
Mitch Daniels:

“This is nothing I have started, encouraged,” said Daniels, a Republican in his second term. “People have asked, ‘Please don’t absolutely close your mind’ and I have said I’ll think about it.”

“It’s nothing I’m going to do anything about,” Daniels said.

Tim Pawlenty:

"Mostly, to run nationally, you have to be rich, famous or you gotta have some kind of shtick or novelty," he said. "It's what it's becoming."

"I don't have a billion dollars. I don't have novelty. I don't have a big shtick," Pawlenty added, as Stewart and the audience burst into laughter. So as not to be misunderstood, Pawlenty continued, "S-c-h. You gotta enunciate."

More seriously, the governor added: "The question really for someone like me is, can you come from a small state and be somebody who is not well known and still traverse the landscape of politics based just on the record that I've got, and the service and the ideas that I have. And maybe. We'll see."

"To me, you just announced you were running for president," Stewart said.

"If I was running for president I wouldn't be on your show saying I don't have a big shtick," Pawlenty replied.

Mike Pence:

"I Have No Plans To Run For President."

Chris Christie:

"No, no. Come on. Look at me. Me for President? Come on, seriously. No way. No way."

"I mean, I know I've heard all these weasel words that other people use 'Well, I have no plans right now', 'I don't think that would be something I would like to do'.

"I'm looking at you: No, ain't happening. Not doing it."

I have no idea if Sarah Palin will run for President, but if her answer is the benchmark, I must conclude that none of the above potential candidates are likely to run. Whoever emerges from the shadows will have plenty of cheerleaders!


Anonymous said...

The difference between Palin's and Romney's statements are, Romney is doing everything a Presidential candidate SHOULD be doing. Palin, is not; i.e., trying to unite the Republican party, talking and acting Presidential.


Anonymous said...

I thought Palin's answer to Wallace today sounded an awfully lot like that she is not running. She indicated that there are those that would fit her criteria as potential candidates, and that if they step up, she'll stand on the sidelines.

William Henley said...

Sarah said that: "if a Constitutional, conservative candidate steps forward", then she would support them. No person listed in this article, other than Sarah Palin, fits her own description of who she will support, therefore, she IS running.

Bill589 said...

I agree with William.
And - Over the last couple of years, others have told us that they’ll be a Constitutional conservative leader. Sarah Palin has shown us that she is. She’s brave and skillful enough to always be in the news taking the fight to our enemy. She’s not ‘behind the scenes’. She’s out front leading. That’s what leaders do.

Anonymous said...

Yes, probably, maybe, maybe not, probably not,'s that simple...who knows? I think she probably wants to but she can read polls and her future viability as POTUS hinges on a few things happening in the next couple of months. We'll see what happens on Tuesday...if her endorsed candidates do well then it will be one step closer to a run. Then she has her show on TLC...if that gets good ratings and it reflects in her favorability nationally...then that's another step closer. Finally, her book tour. I'm not sure how long of a contract she has with Fox...but if it was only a one year contract or if we find out that there is a clause and she leaves Fox...then I would surmise that she does intend to run. Time will tell.


kelly said...


I agree. There are way to many variables right now in Palin's life. She doesn't have to make up her mind now. She could even hold off and run at a later time.

Romney, doesn't have to many options. At 63, 65 when he'd take the oath, time is running out.

Anonymous said...

The question is whether our nominee will either be the next President or a sacrificial lamb?

In some ways the answer to that question lies with our current President. He will not be as easy to beat as we are predicting.

The economy will gain some traction...a little anyway, and with, the presumptuous, Republican wins in the House and Senate...President Obama will have no other choice than to work with the Republicans.

This could help President Obama's image and hurt our chances at a Republican, White House in 2013.

Kelly, Romney could wait it out until 2016 or he could go all in...the only problem is if he loses the nomination again, his chance is over. Maybe he could get a cabinet position or the Chairman position but his Presidential dreams will go down the drain with his proverbial hair mousse.

Palin still has two decades to make a go of it. This might not be her time but I do predict that she will be the first female President of the United States...either sooner or later.