Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sarah Palin: Alaska series trailer

Here is Sarah Palin's Alaska Series Trailer:

I found something else I can agree with Palin on. I'd Rather her OUT THERE also.


Anonymous said...

This is funny. I love that photo. Sarah STAY THERE indefinitely.


Anonymous said...

AH gee, it's on a Sunday evening. Shucks. We don't watch TV on Sunday's.

Martha said...

Sarah, if you would rather be in the Alaskan wilderness, then do it, and stop demanding 24/7 media coverage.

Anonymous said...

Palin does nothing for me. Does that make me anti-grizzly?


Anonymous said...

"Palin does nothing for me. Does that make me anti-grizzly?'


No, it means you have good taste and judgment.


Revolution 2010 said...

The funny thing about Palin's tv series is that many of the Palinistas some how think that this is relevant experience to her becoming POTUS.

A second half of her term as Governor of Alaska, would have been more relevant.