Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mitt Romney's PAC fundraising tops the field

Mitt Romney's Free and Strong America PAC released there figures today. His PAC has raised $1.7 million between July through September, Leaving other 2012 hopefuls in the dust. This brings his total to $5.1 million this year.

From Politico:

That’s more than the two next most actively fundraising prospective 2012 hopefuls — former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty — have raised in their political action committees this year combined.

Palin has pulled in more than $2.5 million this year into her group, Sarah PAC, including $1.2 million from July through September, while Pawlenty has raised nearly $2.1 million through his federal committee and a pair of state committees, which are all called Freedom First PAC, including $778,000 in the third quarter.

Romney’s PACs donated a total of $532,000 in the third quarter — nearly twice the combined amount that Pawlenty’s and Palin’s PACs contributed — including maximum donations of $5,000 to GOP Senate candidates Dino Rossi of Washington, Ken Buck of Colorado and John Boozman of Arkansas.

In addition to Romney's federal PAC, Romney has set up State based PACS in Iowa, New Hampshire, Alabama, South Carolina and Michigan.

The state chapters of Free and Strong America are not bound by federal contributions limits (which limit the size of donations PACs can accept to $5,000 per person — or $10,000 per PAC — per year) or rules barring corporate contributions, allowing wealthy supporters to invest more heavily in Romney’s political operation than they would be able to do if he maintained only a federal PAC.

Complete story HERE.

Take a look at those state PACS. Is there any doubt now about Mitt Romney's Future?


Anonymous said...

Romney is in for 2012! His strategies and efforts don't lie.


Martha said...

Cindy, it's good to see you here!

I'm with you, this is a man with a plan. Nothing haphazard about anything Romney does. It gives me so much confidence that he can win the primary and the general.

Anonymous said...

It's borderline silliness that people still think that Romney is not running in 2012. If it walks, sounds, acts, and looks like a duck, it's a duck.


Anonymous said...

This really doesn't surprise me. The man is a walking money magnet. Donors know that with Romney, The money gets to the candidates he endorses.


Revolution 2010 said...

Romney is a quick learner. No mistakes this time around as he covers all the bases for a 2012 run.