Wednesday, October 13, 2010

President Obama is more popular than Sarah Palin in latest DAILY KOS/PPP Poll

Just 38% of those surveyed approve of Obama, with 55% disapproving. Meanwhile, 35% approve of Palin and 57% disapprove. Both figures are highly popular in their own party and highly unpopular in the other party.

The difference-maker: 52% of moderates and 41% of independents approve of Obama. But they overwhelmingly reject Palin, with just 17% of moderates and 29% of independents viewing her favorably.

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Martha said...

Ouch. But not to worry, Bosman. These numbers will change as soon as everyone gets to know the real Sarah.

Oh wait.

Anonymous said...

This is not surprising. I recall her behind Romney in Alaska in another recent poll.

And just think, Alaskans know her best. What's it tell you?


Anonymous said...

Wow! People in her home state can't stand her.


Revolution 2010 said...

This has to hurt Palin's ego.