Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mitt Romney preparing for 2012!

The Washington post had this great article Saturday that pointed out Romney's efforts regarding mid-term campaigning and fund raising for candidates. The complete article can be read HERE.

Some of the highlights of the article and what caught my attention, were the following:
  • He has maintained a low-key, self-effacing approach while campaigning and raising money for candidates. "All talk of a 2012 presidential candidacy was brushed aside. "I haven't made that decision," he said to one person who inquired about his plans. "I'm just working for this guy [Portman]. Let's get this guy in."
  • He has campaigned in 25 states for candidates.
  • Just recently, he crossed the million-dollar mark in money contributed to other campaigns and candidates from his political action committee. The money has gone to 21 gubernatorial candidates, 25 Senate candidates, more than 200 House candidates and a slew of people running for state legislatures.
  • In the 2010 cycle, Romney has, done events in 13 senatorial races and an equal number of congressional races, many of them fundraisers. He has appeared at 48 events for gubernatorial candidates and eight more for other candidates running for state office. He has recorded more than 30 radio or TV ads or robo calls for candidates. He has signed 95 letters, e-mails or invitations appealing for money for candidates or Republican Party committees.
  • Romney's goal has been to build relationships with Governors, Senators, Congressmen, and local office holders. "All the personal touches and relationships we didn't have the last time, we have now," one adviser said.
  • Rather than be over exposed, Romney picked and chose his opportunities for TV appearances, public statements, and op-eds, based on whether he had something to say on a subject; i.e., START Treaty, Economy, Obamacare, etc.
Reading these facts, it's looking more and more like Mitt Romney is preparing for ROUND 2 and is busy plugging all the holes that may have contributed to his loss in 2008. I'm a big believer in covering all the bases.


BOSMAN said...

Forgot to mention it in post. Mitt Romney will be on Sean Hannity's Show Monday Night!

Anonymous said...

I think Romney is smart to pick his spots rather than get overexposed like some of the others.


phil said...

Mitt has earned the nomination this time around.

BOSMAN said...
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BOSMAN said...

Romney campaigning in Maine today. And I thought, he was taking 1 day off.