Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mitt Romney had a busy day Monday in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The following photos are self explanatory.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

First event (Reception) in Bloomington, Minnesota:

Second event (Dinner) in Bloomington, Minnesota:

BIG BUCKS for Republican candidates. And he doesn't get any percentage of the take. How original.
If any videos become available for these events, I will post them.


Anonymous said...

Romney sure is good to his friends.

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of money. Romney has been doing things like this all along.


Anonymous said...

Mitt's going to have plenty of chits to collect in 2012.


Noelle said...

Even though other people are getting more media play, I don't think anyone is working harder than Mitt to get Republicans and conservatives elected to Congress.

Mitt 2012

Revolution 2010 said...

You're right Noelle. It's to bad the MSM and ESPECIALLY FOX, doesn't let the American people know who is really busting their chops for conservative candidates across the country. I guess, it's up to folks like us.

BOSMAN said...


That he will!