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UKR Pulls Back from Part of Eastern Town of Chasiv Yar: Shyriaiev: "we cannot hold what is ruined."; RU TRYING to Push Through Defense South of Chasiv Yar; UKR Repels 15 Attacks Kharkiv Dir, Destroy RU Air-Def-Sys, Ammo Depot; Situation on Toretsk and Pokrovsk Fronts Tense, LIVE UPDATES, DETAILS, and LOTS MORE

Ukraine’s forces pull back from part of key eastern town of Chasiv Yar
Months of relentless Russian artillery strikes have devastated the town
Ukraine's troops had pulled back from part of the strategically important town of Chasiv Yar in the eastern Donetsk region – having faced a months-long Russian assault.
Chasiv Yar is a short distance west of Bakhmut, which was captured by Russia last year after a bitter 10-month battle. For months, Russian forces have focused on capturing Chasiv Yar, a town which occupies an elevated location. Its fall would put nearby cities in jeopardy and compromise critical Ukrainian supply routes.
The Ukrainian army retreated from a northeastern neighborhood in the town, Nazar Voloshyn, the spokesperson for the Khortytsia ground forces formation, told The Associated Press in a written message Thursday.
Ukraine's defensive positions in the town were "destroyed," he said, adding that there was a threat of serious casualties if troops remained in the area and that Russia did not leave "a single intact building."
Months of relentless Russian artillery strikes have devastated Chasiv Yar, with homes and municipal offices charred, and a town that once had a population of 12,000 has been left deserted.
Oleh Shyriaiev, commander of the 255 assault battalion which has been based in the area for six months, said after Russian troops captured the neighborhood, they burned every building not already destroyed by shelling. Mr Shyriaiev said Russia is deploying scorched-earth tactics in an attempt to destroy anything which could be used as a military position in a bid to force troops to retreat.
"I regret that we are gradually losing territory," he said, speaking by phone from the Chasiv Yar area, but added, "we cannot hold what is ruined." --->READ MORE HERE
The occupiers are trying to push through the defense south of Chasiv Yar with infantry
The invaders intensified assaults in the Kurdyumivka area in the Bakhmut direction.
This was announced on July 4 on the ArmyTV stream by the officer of the media relations group of the Luhansk border detachment "Revenge", junior sergeant Viktor Ponomarev.
"We do not record the work of equipment, only infantry. At the same time, enemy artillery, drones, MLRS, and KABs are working. That is, they are trying to put maximum pressure on this area," Viktor Ponomarev said.
According to him, the border guards' drones not only destroy assault groups, but also strike behind enemy lines.
"Attack drones are flying into Horlivka and Svitlodarsk, at a distance of more than 20 kilometers!" said Viktor Ponomarev. --->READ MORE HERE
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