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Putin Suffers Embarrassing Blow, UKR Missile Strike 'creates corridor' to Crimea; UKR on the Brink of Major Crimea Bridge Breakthrough; RU Tactics Are Failing in Vovchansk; RUs Paying High Price for ATTEMPTS to Advance in Pokrovsk Dir; RU's TRY to Advance Towards Chasiv Yar and Klishchiivka; UKR Payback: RU Cities- Power Outages, LIVE UPDATES, DETAILS, and LOTS MORE

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Putin suffers embarrassing blow as Ukraine missile strike 'creates corridor' to Crimea:
Ukraine has carried out tactical missile strikes in a bid to create a pathway to the bridge joining Russia and Crimea, with partisans placing the country in sight of a major breakthrough.
The country has launched a massive attack on the Russian-held Crimean peninsula, causing a huge explosion which sent flames pouring forth from a military base. The peninsula has been the focus of defending Ukrainians in recent weeks, and photos shared following today's attacks showing smoke rising from Balaklava.
The raid focused on a military depot in the village of Flotskoye, a community near the district, with Telegram channel Crimean Wind reporting that an air raid alert was sounded on Monday. The attack was later confirmed by Sevastopol's Russian proxy leader, Mikhail Razvozhayev, who said air defences were operational.
Ukraine's armed forces had reportedly used British Storm Shadow missiles in the strike, which Razvozhayev said were all shot down by defence systems. He claimed that four targets were destroyed, but that "wreckage fell in the coastal zone" and that he was still clarifying information about possible resulting damage.
The Daily Express reported that ATESH, a group spying on Russians in occupied Crimea, has posted photos of the anti-aircraft missiles reportedly used in the strike to its social media channels. The group claimed it was systematically removing air defence systems and radar stations in a bid to create a "corridor" to the Crimean bridge.
In one post, the group wrote: "The countdown to the life of the illegal structure has begun." Ukrainian officials are yet to comment on the attack, but have previously targeted the structure, the Kerch bridge, and previously pledged to attack it once again earlier this year.
Ukraine's HUR military intelligence service said in April that it planned to launch an attack on Kerch within the first half of 2024, with one official telling the Guardian they had "most of the means to carry out this goal". The official added that the officials are following a plan approved by Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to "minimise" the Russian naval presence in the Black Sea. Following two previous attempts, the official added another attack is "inevitable". --->READ MORE HERE
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Ukraine on the brink of major Crimea bridge breakthrough after huge missile strike:
Ukraine has launched a massive attack on Crimea, causing a huge explosion and fire at a military base.
The peninsula has come under intense bombardment by Ukraine's army in recent weeks and months.
Air defence systems, as well as military bases, have been repeatedly targeted by drones and missile strikes.
In one daring raid, Ukraine destroyed up to seven Russian naval boats using water borne drones.
Ukraine's army reportedly used British-made Storm Shadow missiles to carry out the deadly strike.
Images of the attack show a huge mushroom cloud of thick black smoke rising towards the sky. The explosion can be heard from miles away.
Sevastopol's governor tried to claim that Russian air defence systems had shot down all five missiles.
Mikhail Razvozhayev said that falling debris had caused minor fires to buildings and grass, saying there had been no injuries.
The Storm Shadow cruise missile has a range of over 250km (155 miles), according to the manufacturer. --->READ MORE HERE
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