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Lethal Strike on UKR Children’s Hosp Was Direct RU Missile Hit; RU Kh-101 Missile Wreckage Collected at Site; Zelensky to US: LIFT RESTRICTIONS On Deep Strikes Within RU; RU Burning: UKR Launches Massive Attacks; 6 RU Reg Attacked After Hospital Bombing, LIVE UPDATES, DETAILS, and LOTS MORE

Lethal strike on Ukraine children’s hospital caused by direct Russian missile hit: UN assessment:
A lethal strike on a children’s hospital in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, was likely caused by a direct hit from a Russian missile, the head of the UN human rights monitoring mission said Tuesday, citing its own analysis.
The strike in broad daylight was part of a series of attacks that killed at least 41 people across Ukraine, including children.
The Kremlin said it was Ukrainian anti-missile fire, not Russia, that struck the hospital.
“Analysis of the video footage and an assessment made at the incident site indicates a high likelihood that the children’s hospital suffered a direct hit rather than receiving damage due to an intercepted weapon system,” Danielle Bell, head of mission for the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, told a press briefing in Geneva via video link from Kyiv.
She added that her team, who visited the site Monday, could not make a final determination but that the missile appeared to have been launched by the Russian Federation.
The center treats children with serious conditions, such as cancer and kidney disease, and had around 670 child patients and some 1,000 staff at the time of the attack, Bell said.
“Staff had moved the children to a bunker yesterday morning when the air raid sirens first went off, otherwise the casualties would have been much higher,” she said. --->READ MORE HERE
Wreckage of Russian Kh-101 missile collected at the site of the attack on Okhmatdyt Children’s Hospital:
Investigators have collected debris from a Russian Kh-101 cruise missile that the Russian army used to hit a children’s hospital in Kyiv.
The Security Service of Ukraine reported that it had received new evidence confirming that Russia had hit the hospital with this particular missile.
In particular, an engine fragment of a Kh-101 cruise missile was discovered at the site of the tragedy.
SSU investigators discovered fragments of the engine casing of the Kh-101 cruise missile with the inventory and serial numbers.
In addition, they found:
  • a fragment of a Kh-101 wing deployment mechanism;
  • a fragment of a jamming unit of a Kh-101 missile;
  • the middle part of the body of a Kh-101 cruise missile (pictured under the rubble);
  • tail section fairing and a Kh-101 cruise missile’s hydraulic part fragment.
“It was a targeted attack. This is evidenced not only by the missile debris found at the impact site but also by the analysis of the flight path data,” the investigators stated. --->PHOTOS and MORE HERE
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