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Independent Probe Finds Cuomo COVID Response ‘engendered public mistrust’; Andrew Cuomo is Still Fibbing About His Deadly COVID Nursing-Home Order, and other C-Virus related stories

Independent probe finds Cuomo COVID response ‘engendered public mistrust’:
An independent investigation into New York’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic found that former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) response “engendered public mistrust” and sowed confusion.
The investigation, commissioned by current Gov. Kathy Hochul (D), found that Cuomo’s administration and its lack of communication with agencies and facilities, particularly nursing homes, across the state resulted in resources wasted and mistrust among individuals.
The report, released Friday by The Olson Group, noted that New York State was frequently categorized as the United States’s “epicenter” for the disease.
“COVID-19 rapidly spread through New York City and across the state, testing every facet of emergency preparedness, public health, human services, and disaster response and recovery,” the report said.
New York was presumed to be one of the most prepared states for an infectious disease outbreak, investing in the development of pandemic plans and bolstering its healthcare establishments, the report noted.
The report argued that New York was prepared for other health emergencies, like the outbreak of H1N1, but as COVID took over, Cuomo moved away from the state’s established plan and toward the “promotion of ‘top down’ initiatives, often based on outside expertise.” --->READ MORE HERE
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Andrew Cuomo is still fibbing about his deadly COVID nursing-home order:
Four years after ordering COVID-positive patients into New York nursing homes, Andrew Cuomo’s excuses for that fateful mistake have gotten older but no better.
He’s still relying on arguments that were long ago debunked.
He’s still trying to blame anyone but himself. And he’s still trying to minimize how many people died.
He kept up his deflection Tuesday in Washington as he faced a closed-door interrogation by the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Inside the room, he faced a long-delayed moment of truth — because lying to Congress would be a crime.
Outside in front of the microphones, however, he gave his increasingly tired spin one more go.
He claimed, for starters, that his administration was simply following federal guidance when, on March 25, 2020, it mandated that nursing homes accept COVID-positive patients being transferred from hospitals.
In fact, guidance from both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had emphasized that nursing homes should admit sick patients only if they were prepared to take special precautions — such as isolating them in separate wings or buildings, and assigning separate staff to work with them.
The state’s order made no mention of special safeguards, nor did it cite the federal guidelines — sending the signal that homes were expected to comply no matter what.
In his prepared statement to the panel, Cuomo also made yet another attempt to twist statistics in his favor.
“According to data from the CMS, by the end of 2020 — the year that the infamous DOH admissions guidance was in effect for six weeks — New York was Number 39 in terms of pro rata nursing home deaths,” he claimed.
“This despite New York being ground zero for COVID.” --->READ MORE HERE
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