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Gaslight: 4 Times the Media Tried to Tell You Biden’s Health Wasn’t a Problem; Biden’s Dim Debate Performance Showcases 3 Bright, Shining Lies

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Gaslight: 4 Times the Media Tried to Tell You Biden’s Health Wasn’t a Problem:
The longtime media and Democratic Party gaslighting over President Joe Biden’s health decline has finally imploded.
The mask fully came off Thursday night as the narrative about Biden being A-OK collapsed in an excruciating 90-minute “debate” with former President Donald Trump.
By now, you’ve likely at least seen some video clips of it, so I won’t belabor the point. It was nothing less than a debacle for Biden and his Democratic allies. The Big Lie about the president’s health has been completely exposed, and it’s virtually impossible to hide that truth from the American people now.
Adding to the realization that Biden likely isn’t running the White House and that we have a president in name only is the complete reversal of the vast media messaging machine.
If you had been listening only to corporate and left-wing media for the past four years, you would think that Biden was just fine. Any story about his physical and mental decline was deemed false, just a mean-spirited Republican talking point.
Sure, the president is a little slower now, but that means he has more wisdom. Age is Biden’s superpower!
One night changed a whole lot.
You could see in real time during the debate as the gears of the Democratic-media complex ground to a halt and reversed course.
There’s just no way to deny what everyone saw Thursday without a total loss of credibility.
Suddenly all those media outlets and talking heads have to just roll with the painfully obvious truth that Biden appears to be in severe age-related mental decline.
More than a few Democratic commentators are now openly talking about how Biden needs to be replaced at the top of the Democratic presidential ticket. Isn’t it interesting how the party that always insists it’s fighting for “our democracy” is willing to jettison the nominee through elite-led machinations at the upcoming nominating convention? --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden’s Dim Debate Performance Showcases 3 Bright, Shining Lies:
“We finally beat Medicare.”
That was just one of the many astonishing things that President Joe Biden said, or tried to say, in his Thursday night face-off with President Donald Trump.
The de facto Democrat and Republican standard bearers parried for 90 minutes on CNN. The normally rabid, Trump-hating moderators, Dana Bash and Jake Tapper, rose to the occasion and asked both candidates tough, fair, and relevant questions. The opponents debated each other, not the anchors. Three cheers for that.
Biden earned zero cheers, however, for his many lies. Three slices of disinformation were especially egregious:
First, Biden said, “I’m the only president this century that doesn’t have any this—this decade, that doesn’t have any troops dying anywhere in the world, like he [Trump] did.”
This is totally false. Just ask Biden.
“Jill and I join the families and friends of our fallen—and Americans across the country—in grieving the loss of these warriors in this despicable and wholly unjust attack,” Biden declared after three U.S. GIs were killed, and 34 wounded, in a Jan. 28 assault in Jordan. Biden added: “While we are still gathering the facts of this attack, we know it was carried out by radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq.”
Biden’s lie also erased the 13 Marines whom a terrorist suicide bomber murdered outside Kabul’s airport during Biden’s shambolic Afghan retreat in August 2021. Things most assuredly would have gone far less fatally had a reelected President Trump exited, as he said, “with dignity, with strength, with power.”
Second—regarding Charlottesville, Virginia’s race riots—Biden asked: “What American president would ever say, Nazis coming out of fields, carrying torches, singing the same anti-Semitic bile, carrying swastikas, were ‘fine people’?” --->READ MORE HERE
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