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Biden is Brain-Dead. Democrats Call That ‘framing & lighting’; Democrats are the Party of Dementia, Derangement and Dysphoria

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Biden is brain-dead. Democrats call that ‘framing & lighting’:
As post-debate shockwaves continue to strike Democrat Party and donor circles, calls grow for the ailing, flailing, failing President Biden to step aside — but he does still have some defenders.
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former friend of Melania Trump’s, blamed Biden’s poor performance on “FRAMING & LIGHTING,” she wrote on X.
That’s an interesting concept.
It used to be cameras added 10 pounds. Apparently, they now cause brain damage.
Her full social media post: “NO ONE HAD TO SAY A WORD. CNN’s carefully considered FRAMING & LIGHTING design effectively conveyed the intended perceptions of fragility vs. dominance in visual composition. Biden was filmed in profile, looking pale as a ghost.”
The implied logic here is that had Biden only had better camera coverage, he wouldn’t have trailed his sentences into never-never land; he wouldn’t have smiled that ghastly Cheshire Cat smile — the stuff of children’s nightmares; he wouldn’t have floated his eyes all over the stage as if he were trying to find that thought, the thought he had just been thinking — or did he? He wouldn’t have looked as the brain-dead, weak-kneed, Alzheimer patient that he looked. Come on, now. He looked like the old guy who just broke free from his nurse at the assisted living facility and then forgot why he was fleeing.
To blame that on bad camera angles and poor lighting is to be one step away from the same affliction Biden suffers.
Donald Trump thinks so, too.
After Wolkoff’s post, Trump wrote on Truth Social: “Wolkoff, a total airhead who was dumped by Melania years ago for being a publicity seeking airhead who added nothin, had a love affair with the Fake News, and was a boring, small-time loser, now gets into the news again by blaming Crooked Joe Biden’s absolutely dismal debate performance on ‘lighting’ (that’s a new one!) and the angle of the podium, which he chose." --->READ MORE HERE
AP Photo/Evan Vucci
Democrats are the party of dementia, derangement and dysphoria
Like Alzheimer’s, dementia and addiction, mental illness is an affliction that attacks whole families. Sometimes these diseases are actually worse for those not diagnosed with the disease, but rather sentenced to a special kind of hell caring for those who are — out of love, obligation or family.
And so it is for a nation in which half the electorate votes for the Democrat Party.
We see the crazy. We point out the crazy. We try to help the crazy. We argue with the crazy. We vote against the crazy.
There is, literally, not a single rational, explainable reason to vote for the Democrat Party today.
But, in the end, you just can’t fix crazy.
Sometimes mental illnesses have a name. Trump Derangement Syndrome is one. And it is very real.
Leading experts studying the illness long believed that the disease was incurable. But the general scientific consensus has shifted as more and more voters report that they recovered from TDS. They describe it the same way people describe emerging from profound depression or escaping a cult.
Once in the true and warm sunlight of reality, everything looks different and the range of colors — including orange — becomes joyful again.
This is not to make light of the millions of Americans still suffering from TDS. But as a country, we can take hope in the examples of recovery among some of our fellow citizens.
Recovery is possible.
Of course, TDS is only one of a vast constellation of mental illnesses that make up the Democrat Party today. And like a voracious psychiatrist in lean times or with more and more bills as his own personal divorces pile up, the Democrat Party is highly adaptive at adding new diseases. --->READ MORE HERE (or HERE)
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