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With Terror Threats Sky-High and the Border Wide Open, Brace for Another 9/11; Terror Suspect From Tajikistan Illegally Crossed Border into San Diego, was Let in by Officers; Six Suspected Terrorists with ISIS Ties Arrested in Sting Operation in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia

With terror threats sky-high and the border wide open, brace for another 9/11:
The pre-9/11 warning lights are flashing once again, thanks largely to President Biden’s refusal to control the southern border.
That’s one of the key takeaways from of a new Foreign Affairs essay based on testimony and comments by top national-security experts.
Will America be caught asleep at the switch?
One ominous sign: As The Post reports exclusively, a sting last week nabbed six Russian nationals with suspected ISIS ties in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and New York — at least one of whom had been released by the feds at the southern border with a court date next year.
“Remember the Boston marathon” bombing, a source told The Post. “I’m afraid something like that might happen again — or worse.”
In the essay, Harvard prof Graham Allison and ex-CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell cite FBI Director Chris Wray’s increasingly alarming assessments of the nation’s “threat environment.”
In December, two months after Hamas’ Oct. 7 massacre in Israel, Wray testified that the already heightened terror threat had soared to “a whole ‘nother level,” as thousands crossed the border each day with little or no vetting.
By April, his fears grew even more dire after an ISIS-K attack at a Moscow concert hall killed 145 people and wounded hundreds.
Outgoing National Counterterrorism Center Director Christine Abizaid also raised alarms, citing the “elevated global threat environment.” --->READ MORE HERE
Terror suspect from Tajikistan illegally crossed border into San Diego, was let in by officers: sources
At least one of eight suspected terrorists from Tajikistan arrested in a multi-agency sting over the last week had illegally crossed into the US at San Diego and been in the country at least six months, The Post has learned.
One of the ISIS-linked group — recently busted in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia after FBI surveillance indicated they may be a national security threat — had crossed the border, was vetted by agents, then allowed into the country with a court date last year, according to sources.
The man, whose identity has not been revealed, also complied with instructions to meet with local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers in Los Angeles.
Sources also told The Post ICE agents are also being warned they will likely have more terror-related migrant arrests to make — and possibly more involving the same group from Tajikistan.
San Diego is currently the busiest sector for illegal crossings on the border — and subject to special instructions which allow citizens of over 100 countries to be processed into the US, including individuals coming from countries tied to national security threats such as China and Turkey.
However, there are six countries from which adult migrants are to be sent for immediate removal from the US: Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, per Border Patrol.
In the last week, there have been 8,000 migrants apprehended by border officers after crossing illegally, sources told The Post Wednesday.
The arrest of the eight Tajikistan nationals — first reported by The Post yesterday — took place after the FBI co-ordinated with ICE to take them. It was later confirmed all are now in proceedings to be removed from the US. --->READ MORE HERE
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++++Six suspected terrorists with ISIS ties arrested in sting operation in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia: sources++++++

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