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While Alvin Bragg Was Having a Trump Trial . . . Cops in Manhattan Made over 390 Arrests for Felony Assault. How Many Will the DA Let Off Easy? - Trump Found Guilty of Running Against Democrats

WSJ: While Alvin Bragg Was Having a Trump Trial . . .
. . . cops in Manhattan made over 390 arrests for felony assault. How many will the DA let off easy?
After six weeks of court time, and heaven knows how much prep work, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has finally won his guilty verdict against Donald Trump for bookkeeping misrepresentations seven years ago. Aside from the bad political precedent this case has set, what does it say about Mr. Bragg’s priorities, as the DA of a big city wrestling with elevated crime?
In the 28 days ending May 26, a period that covers about two-thirds of Mr. Trump’s trial, the New York Police Department’s patrol boroughs of Manhattan North and Manhattan South reported 4,900 total arrests, according to the NYPD’s CompStat crime tracking program. That figure is up about 700 compared with a year earlier. It includes six arrests for murder, 12 for rape, 15 grand theft auto, 210 burglary, 214 robbery, 362 grand larceny (over $1,000), and 390 felony assault.
If those numbers sound astronomical, keep in mind that roughly 1.6 million people live in Manhattan. What’s important is the trend, and it isn’t encouraging. Last year the NYPD’s Manhattan precincts filed more than 33,000 complaints on seven major felonies, including 73 murders and non-negligent manslaughters, 3,800 robberies, 5,100 felony assaults, and 18,000 grand larcenies. That overall total is down 4.4% from 2022, but it’s still up 22.5% from 2019, the year before Covid hit.
This isn’t a return, at least not yet, to the gritty Gotham City that New Yorkers put up with before 1994, when Mayor Rudy Giuliani arrived. NYPD complaints on those seven major felonies, both citywide and in Manhattan, remain lower today than even in the early 2000s. Nevertheless, New York was significantly safer as recently as a few years ago. The city’s leaders, Mr. Bragg included, should be doing everything they can to reverse whatever went wrong. --->READ MORE HERE (or HERE)
Trump Found Guilty of Running Against Democrats:
The guilty verdict does not make Trump a felon; it makes Manhattan a Banana Republic..
After deliberating for 9 hours, a jury of Trump’s Manhattan Trump-hating peers found him guilty of a crime that doesn’t exist anywhere in the legal codes, invented by a DA who had promised not to prosecute armed robberies but chose instead to prosecute a non-disclosure agreement.
On Wednesday, while the jury spent a whole four and a half hours deliberating how quickly they would convict former President Trump of all the charges, a 15-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl were shot in the city. Two hours later, a man was shot while sitting in his car in Manhattan.
No one in the Manhattan DA’s office cared since it was too busy trying to nail Trump over a payment that happened eight years ago and which did not involve any actual illegalities.
None of the 8 murders, 54 rapes, 204 burglaries, 303 robberies, 535 felony assaults or 891 grand larcenies that occurred in New York City the same week as the Trump trial garnered a fraction of the attention. That was bad news for the 26 shooting victims, include the 15-year-old girl, and the 54 rape victims, not to mention the victims in the other 110 sex crime victims that all had to take a backseat to a Democrat kangaroo court cutting a 2024 presidential election ad.
Toward the end, the Biden campaign even dispatched an angry and belligerent Robert De Niro (Dirty Grandpa, Little Fockers) in a COVID mask to yell something about Trump outside the courthouse. The prosecution’s case in the courthouse was little more coherent than that, but it didn’t matter with a jury that would have found Trump guilty sooner if it wasn’t for the free food.
After waiting right before the weekend, the jury announced that he was guilty. Of something.
Neither the prosecution, nor Judge Merchan, a partisan activist barely more able to control himself than De Niro, who had gotten into shouting matches with lawyers and even witnesses, let alone the jury could quantify what the actual crime was involved in covering up something that was not itself a crime. The prosecution had failed to prove that Trump had been involved in the cover-up, but even more fundamentally had failed to prove that anything had happened or that having sex with Stormy Daniels was a crime. Its only witness to the contrary was a self-confessed liar and thief who should not have even been allowed to testify against Trump.
The trial that cost taxpayers countless millions as part of a federal-city investigation which began with an illegal FBI raid on Trump’s corrupt lawyer back in 2018 and a Manhattan investigation that ran for 4 years, may have been the longest case of election interference on record. Bogged down by such minor problems as the lack of an actual criminal charge, DA Alvin Bragg, who had been personally disavowed to me even by a Soros representative, claimed that giving a slattern money counted as falsifying business records because it’s not a legal expense.
Contrast the whole thing to Hunter Biden drawing on a shared bank account with Joe Biden to pay hookers and having the secret service show up to politely ask him to be more discreet. --->READ MORE HERE
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