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Violent El Tren de Aragua Venezuelan Gang Linked to Over 100 Criminal Cases in US: Venezuelan Gang Tren de Aragua Used Border Chaos to Infiltrate US; 'Ghost criminals': How Venezuelan Gang Members are Slipping into the U.S.

Violent El Tren de Aragua Venezuelan gang linked to over 100 criminal cases in US: report:
Federal authorities have opened more than 100 investigations into crimes allegedly committed by members of the violent Venezuelan El Tren de Aragua gang, according to a report by NBC News.
The transnational criminal organization — whose name means “The Aragua Train” in English, a nod to its roots as a railway worker’s union from that region — have been flooding the US with their members, many of whom have been illegally slipping over the Southern Border posing as asylum seekers.
Those members have infiltrated major cities across the country including New York, Chicago, Miami and Denver, where they engage in money laundering, theft and human trafficking, according to reports.
The shadowy group are hard for authorities to pin down or identify, a fact not helped by Venezuelan authorities refusing to share police data with the US.
Even if members are IDed, their home country also refuses to accept them back.
One of the main identifiers police use are gang tattoos particular to members, including five-pointed crows, AK-47 rifles, trains, stars, gas masks and grenades.
However, many of these tattoos are popular designs throughout South America.
Incidents which have recently been attributed to the gang include an investigation focusing on a 19-year-old migrant charged with shooting two NYPD cops on June 3.
Bernardo Raul Castro Mata allegedly told police he was recruited by the Venezuelan gang’s Big Apple “coordinator” to join a crew of “snatch and grab” moped thieves, law-enforcement sources said Wednesday. --->READ MORE HERE
U.S. Border Patrol
Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua used border chaos to infiltrate US:
Tren de Aragua, a criminal gang from Venezuela that is said to be as serious a threat as the Salvadoran gang MS-13, is quietly operating in unsuspected neighborhoods and communities across the country.
The transnational corporation-size criminal group took advantage of the ongoing border crisis and has been able to push members into the United States and beef up its presence in cities nationwide where law enforcement and elected officials are gravely concerned about the type of violence they are seeing, particularly after one murder that has been in the spotlight.
Georgia nursing student Laken Riley was murdered in February while on a jog, and police have identified Venezuelan illegal immigrant Jose Ibarra as her suspected killer. Ibarra is a reported member of the gang, and that revelation has put the criminal organization in the spotlight as the case against him and his brother, who is also a suspected gang member, proceeds in court.
The gang has been around just over a decade and in that time gone from operating inside prison walls to spreading across Venezuela into South America and, now, penetrating U.S. communities.
Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX), whose district runs along nearly half of the southern border, said he has warned about the gang and is seriously concerned about the hold it already has in the U.S. given its record as an “agent of chaos and terror through Central and South America.”
“For months, I have sounded the alarm about Tren de Aragua and the threat this gang poses to Americans,” Gonzales said in a statement to the Washington Examiner. “It’s graphic, but this gang has been known to rape children, murder, and commit nearly every other crime under the sun. We know that Tren de Aragua has expanded operations in Mexico, and some gang members have made their way into the United States.”
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who represents a state with one of the highest Venezuelan populations in the country, said in an interview that the gang has “wreaked havoc” across Central and South America and now threatens to do the same in the U.S.
“It’s worked its way into the United States and has now been linked to human smuggling and sex trafficking operations in the U.S.,” Rubio told Fox News on June 5. --->READ MORE HERE
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