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Unvaxxed Voices: Voters Who Skipped Shots Overwhelmingly Back Trump, Prefer Biden to RFK; More Wall Street Giants are Telling Employees to Get Back to the Office Full-Time, and other C-Virus related stories

Unvaxxed voices: Voters who skipped shots overwhelmingly back Trump, prefer Biden to RFK:
That’s nothing to sneeze at.
Former President Donald Trump holds a dominating 47-point lead over Joe Biden among un-jabbed voters and those who never completed a full vaccine course, according to a new poll.
The former president received the backing of 63% of voters who never received the jab or didn’t complete the initial Modera/Pfizer vaccine course, the Schoen-Cooperman survey showed.
President Biden collected just 16% of the unvaxxed/one jab vote.
Surprisingly Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — a diehard vaccine skeptic — took just 12% of that group.
The same trends held among voters who received a full vaccination but never followed up with any boosters.
Of this cohort, 46% said they would back Trump, with just 30% supporting Biden.
RFK was last with just 16% support.
“Donald Trump has a commanding lead with unvaccinated voters. While these voters are united in their distrust of the COVID-19 vaccine and care about the presidential candidates’ position on the vaccine, they are largely conservative, Republican voters who broke heavily for Trump in 2020,” said pollster Carly Cooperman, who conducted the survey.
Three out of four unvaccinated voters said they were “absolutely certain” about their choice in the looming contest. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo: Mike Kemp (Getty Images)
More Wall Street giants are telling employees to get back to the office full-time
With the remote work days of the COVID-19 pandemic seeming like a distant memory, more big banks are calling employees back to their offices full-time.
Among them are Citigroup, Barclays, and HSBC, which are all adjusting their distance-working policies, including asking groups of employees that were previously eligible to work remotely to make their way back into the office five days a week.
🏙️ Citi 
The New York-based bank will require roughly 600 U.S. employees who previously had flexible work arrangements to work full-time from a Citi office location, the company said in a statement. Most staff, however, will be able to stay on hybrid schedules, the bank said. For the last few years, Citi has required employees to come to the office at least three days per week.
🔷 Barclays 
U.K. banking giant Barclays is requiring thousands of its investment banking staff around the world to work from the office full-time, unless they are traveling to see clients, it said in a memo Thursday reported by Bloomberg. The new policy will go into effect on June 1.
♦️ HSB 
HSBC’s head of human resources Mabel Rius told Bloomberg that changing policies changes will impact 530 of its New York employees, or roughly half of that group. The bank is trying to allow as many staffers as possible to stay on their hybrid schedules, Rius said, but it has underscored that it’s not enforcing a blanket five-day in-office work week. --->READ MORE HERE
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