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UKR Sends 30+ Drones Into RU After Bombing of Kharkiv; UKR Repels 50+ RU Assaults in Pokrovsk; RU Pull Back from Vovchansk; UKR Hits Com-Post in Belgorod, Explosions in Yevpatoria, Crimea; 15 Police, Several Civilians Killed in RU Dagestan Reg, LIVE UPDATES, DETAILS, and LOTS MORE

Ukraine Sends over 30 Drones into Russia after Bombing of Kharkiv Leaves 4 Dead and Dozens Injured:
Russian authorities said four people died in Ukrainian drone and missile attacks on Sunday, a day after Russia's bombing of Ukraine's second largest city of Kharkiv killed three people and left dozens in hospitals.
Three people — including two children — were killed by falling debris when five Ukrainian missiles were shot down in Sevastopol, a port city in Russia-annexed Crimea, said Mikhail Razvozhayev, the city's Moscow-installed governor. Close to a hundred people were injured, he said.
One person was killed and three injured in Russia’s Belgorod region, bordering Ukraine, when three Ukrainian drones attacked the city of Grayvoron, regional Gov. Vyacheslav Gladkov said.
Air defenses overnight shot down 33 Ukrainian drones over Russia’s western Bryansk, Smolensk, Lipetsk and Tula regions, the Russian Ministry of Defense said Sunday. No casualties or damage were reported.
The attacks came after Russia struck Kharkiv on Saturday afternoon with four aerial bombs, hitting a five-story residential building and killing three people. Regional Gov. Oleh Syniehubov said that 41 people were still being treated for injuries on Sunday. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukraine repels over 50 Russian assaults in Pokrovsk axis in past day:
n the past 24 hours, Ukraine’s Defense Forces held back 55 Russian attacks in the direction of Pokrovsk, Donetsk region.
That’s according to Nazar Voloshyn, the spokesman for the Khortytsia Operational-Strategic Grouping of Troops, who spoke on the air of the national telethon, commenting on the latest developments in the Pokrovsk and Toretsk axes.
"Last day, our defenders repelled 55 enemy attacks in the Pokrovsk direction. These are the areas of the settlements of Novo-oleksandrivka, Vozdvyzhenka, Karlivka, Nevelske, Sokil, Yevhenivka, Novoselivka Persha, and Novopokrovske. There, the enemy tried to displace our units from their positions. However, our Defense Forces gave the enemy a decent rebuff," the spokesperson said.
Voloshyn noted that the Russians have employed all firepower available to them, including aviation, artillery, combat vehicles, and drones. At the same time, according to the official, Ukraine’s troops inflicted significant losses on the attacking force.
"The enemy had 300 personnel killed and wounded. Also, their tank, several armored vehicles, artillery systems, and a military vehicle were destroyed," he said.
The spokesperson also commented on the situation in the Toretsk direction. He noted that active hostilities are ongoing there as the enemy grouping is enjoying air support as deadly gliding bombs target Ukraine’s positions. --->READ MORE HERE
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