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UKR Pushes RU Out of Canal District in Chasiv Yar; Ru May Have Lost An Entire Airborne Brigade In Vovchansk; UKR Conducts Flanking Maneuvers Against RU in and Around Vovchansk; 104 Clashes on Front: Almost Half of RU Assaults in the Pokrovsk and Toretsk Dir, LIVE UPDATES, DETAILS, and LOTS MORE

Ukrainian army pushes Russian troops out of Canal district in Chasiv Yar:
The Armed Forces of Ukraine have driven Russian occupation army out of the Canal neighborhood in Chasiv Yar
Nazar Voloshyn, spokesman for the Khortytsia Operational and Strategic Group of troops, said this during a telethon.
"Ukrainian defenders have indeed pushed Russian forces out of the Canal district in Chasiv Yar, Donetsk region. Currently, there is no enemy army there," he emphasized.
He said that the enemy cannot take Chasiv Yar, which is why it is destroying the town with Solntsepek heavy flamethrower systems.
"This is a terrible weapon that hits with thermobaric rockets," said the spokesman.
Voloshyn also noted that over the past day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces stopped four attempts by the Russian Federation to break through the defense in the areas of Klishchiyivka and Chasiv Yar.
"The Occupation army keeps trying to force our defenders out of their positions near Ivanivske. The occupation forces are also trying to advance in the direction of Chasiv Yar. Ukrainian defenders reliably hold the defense in this area and give a worthy rebuff to the Russian aggressor," added the spokesman for the Khortytsia military group. --->READ MORE HERE
The Russians May Have Lost An Entire Airborne Brigade In Vovchansk
Russia’s Victory Day offensive is turning into a bloodbath ... for Russian troops.
Russia’s Victory Day offensive across Ukraine’s northern border with Russia may have aimed to capture a wide, deep swathe of territory to bring heavy artillery closer to the city of Kharkiv, 25 miles to the south. More ambitiously, Russian commanders may have hoped to march on Kharkiv itself.
Neither happened. Within a couple of weeks of the offensive kicking off on May 9—the day Russia celebrates its defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II—the force of 30,000 or so Russian troops got bogged down in the town of Vovchansk, just a few miles south of the border.
And now the defenders of Vovchansk, including some or part of several Ukrainian mechanized, marine and airborne brigades, have reportedly defeated an elite Russian airborne brigade.
According to a well-regarded Ukrainian correspondent who writes under the pseudonym “Nikolaev Vanek,” the 83rd Airborne Brigade has retreated from Vovchansk after a costly three-week deployment.
“The entire 83rd Airborne Brigade is urgently withdrawn to the rear to restore combat capability,” Vanek wrote. “There are too many casualties, they can't fight, there are too many 500s.”
In Russian military parlance, a “code 500” is a soldier who refuses to fight.
If confirmed, it’s a stinging loss for the new Russian northern grouping of forces, which includes around seven regiments and brigades. And Russian losses in Vovchansk could get a lot worse, as the survivors of an entire battalion—that’s hundreds of troops—have been trapped in a chemical plant in central Vovchansk for two weeks.
The trapped soldiers might not last much longer. The Ukrainian air force has been lobbing precision glide bombs at the chemical plant, gradually reducing it to rubble.
The 83rd Airborne Brigade is, or was, an elite force—one of a dozen or so brigade-sized formations in the 40,000-person pre-war airborne corps. As recently as 2019, the brigade practiced parachuting into combat with their lightweight armored vehicles.--->READ MORE HERE
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