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Take Off the Masks, You Anti-Israel Cowards! Protesters Aren’t Really Scared of COVID — They’re Hiding Shame of Their Prejudice; Ban Face Masks at Protests, Violence Adviser Tells Government

James Keivom
Take off the masks, you anti-Israel cowards! Protesters aren’t really scared of COVID — they’re hiding shame of their prejudice:
Remember when we were all told to “Mask up”? Well perhaps it’s time for us to change that rule. How about: “Mask off.”
It still astonishes me how many New Yorkers still scuttle around this city with their N95s clasped to their faces. Assistants in shops. Straphangers on the subway. Even people hurrying through the windy streets.
With some people I get it. A few have underlying health conditions — like morbid obesity. Or different-bodyness. Or whatever it is we’re allowed to call what we used to term “overweight.”
And sure some elderly folks now on their 9th boosters have decided to treat COVID as they once did the winter flu season.
But how to explain all the young people — particularly the young protestors — who seem to be so unnaturally scared of COVID?
How to explain all those rage-filled keffiyeh-wearing students who just happen to mask up whenever a camera is around?
Perhaps the students at Columbia and other campuses really do have a mortal fear of COVID.
In which case let me set their minds at rest.
New York State no longer has a COVID-19 problem. At the height of COVID, in the week ending April 11, 2020 the CDC reported that there were 6,900 total NY State COVID deaths that week. By last month the total was down to 15 deaths in a week.
What is more, young people are at the lowest risk of dying from COVID. Last year COVID was the eighth leading cause of death for young people in the United States.
According to the official data people aged 18-29 comprised just 0.7% of COVID-related deaths in the US. And that is from a group that makes up 16.4% of the total US population.
College-age Americans are more likely to die by homicide, suicide or being hit by a bus than they are through complications caused by COVID.
Even better news for the mask-wearers — NY State is one of the most vaccinated populations in the world. Fully 81% of NY State’s population is fully vaccinated. While a full 95% of the state’s population has gotten one dose of the vaccine or more. --->READ MORE HERE
Ban face masks at protests, violence adviser tells Government:
Concern grows over pro-Palestinian activists who disguise their identities and clash with police
Police should have powers to ban face masks at protests, the Prime Minister’s official adviser on political violence has recommended.
Lord Walney has submitted a report to Rishi Sunak setting out new measures on policing protests amid growing concern at the way masked activists have chanted anti-Jewish slogans, waved pro-Hamas material and clashed with officers at recent pro-Palestinian demonstrations.
There are fears over the spread of the US-style tactic adopted by “black bloc” anarchist protesters intent on violence who wear dark clothing, ski masks, scarves, sunglasses and motorcycle helmets to hide their identities.
The new powers proposed in the review by Lord Walney, the former Labour MP John Woodcock, would give police powers to make a ban on masks an explicit condition before a march could go ahead. The same condition would apply to fireworks and flares.
If the organisers refused to agree, police would be able to ban the march - and bar future demonstrations if they failed to abide by the conditions.
Beyond current powers
The move goes beyond current police powers in the 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act where police officers can demand the removal of masks by protesters.
Section 60 of the Act enables police to issue an order allowing them to demand the removal of masks in a specific area where they believe there is a threat of violence or disorder. --->READ MORE HERE
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