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RU's Fails to Succeed in Lyman Dir; RU Suffers Setbacks Near Novooleksandrivka, UAF Hold Defense in 7 Dir; UKR Advances in Vovchansk Dir; UKR Launches Major ATACMS Strike On RU Occ Terr, Targets RU Mil- fac; RU Regrouping in Kharkiv Obl, Punishing Deserters, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Russian army fails to succeed in Lyman direction - Ukrainian Commander Hdulskyi:
Yevhen Hdulskyi, commander of the 2nd Air Assault Battalion of the 95th Brigade, says that the Russian army has been conducting assault and offensive operations in the Lyman sector since November last year
He said this on the Espreso TV channel.
"The Russian army has been conducting active assault and offensive actions in our direction since November last year. The Russians do not give up on conducting offensive actions in our direction. They are constantly regrouping, redeploying reserves from other areas,” noted Hdulskyi.
The commander of the 2nd Air Assault Battalion of the 95th Brigade added that the Russian forces are creating internal groups in an attempt to advance further.
"But the Russians have not achieved any success in our direction thanks to the resilience, courage and heroism of our personnel on the front lines. The units of the Ukrainian Defense Forces have well-equipped and constructed fire systems,” emphasized Hdulskyi.
  • Over the past day, the occupying Russian army lost another 1,080 soldiers in the war in Ukraine. In addition, Ukrainian soldiers eliminated a Russian towing vessel.
Russia suffers setbacks near Novooleksandrivka, Ukrainian Armed Forces hold defense in 7 directions:
In the last 24 hours, there were 90 frontline clashes. Ukrainian forces repelled Russian attacks in 7 directions, causing significant losses to the Russian army
The Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff reports.
Russian troops did not conduct any active operations in the Kharkiv direction. Russia is regrouping its troops.
The situation in the Kupyansk direction is tense. Since the beginning of the day there have been four combat clashes in the areas of Pishchane, Druzheliubivka and Hrekivka. Assault operations continue. Ukrainian positions were not lost.
In the Lyman direction, Ukrainian defenders fought off three attacks near Terny and Torske, without success for the Russian army. A firefight near Terny continues.
The situation in the Kramatorsk direction is somewhat tense. Since the beginning of the day, Ukrainian troops have repelled two Russian attempts to advance near Klishchiivka. A battle continues near Kalynivka.
In the Pokrovsk direction, Ukrainian defenders are taking measures to prevent the advance of Russian troops deep into Ukrainian territory. One Russian assault failed near Novooleksandrivka. Five more Russian attacks are ongoing near Yevhenivka, Sokil and Krasnohorivka. The situation is under control of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.
According to the updated information, the Russian forces suffered losses in the Pokrovsk direction over the last day: 249 Russian soldiers were killed and wounded, four armored combat vehicles, an artillery system and a vehicle were destroyed. --->READ MORE HERE
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