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Don’t Fall for Putin’s Crimea Cries — He’s Preying on Biden’s Escalation Fears; RU Bluster Over Crimea Strike Isn't WWIII, Just New Round of Chicken with Biden, 3rd of RU Assults on Pokrovk Front; UKR Stabilizes Borova; UKR Strikes 4 RU Ships; RU's Platan Research Institute Burns, LIVE UPDATES, DETAILS, and LOTS MORE

Don’t fall for Putin’s Crimea cries — he’s coldly preying on Biden’s escalation fears:
Suddenly, after 852 days of Russia committing war crimes by intentionally targeting and killing Ukrainian civilians, the Kremlin is mightily crying foul and essentially accusing Ukraine and the United States of violating the Geneva Conventions.
Yeah, right.
On Sunday, at least four Russian civilians were killed when a beach in Sevastopol, the largest city in Russian-occupied Crimea, was struck by explosives of yet-to-be confirmed origin. More than 150 others were reported injured.
Moscow was quick to attribute the deadly attack to US-made long-range ATACMS — and Dmitry Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official spokesman, pledged the attack would “not go unpunished.”
Menacingly, Peskov also asserted that “retaliatory measures will definitely follow,” implying that the United States would face a consequence.
This is projection at its absolute worst.
How many Ukrainian civilians have been killed by missiles, drones and artillery fired from the Crimean peninsula? How many of those munitions were made in Iran or North Korea?
But as ESPN football analyst Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast, my friend.”
Now is not the time for the White House to fall again for Putin’s escalation bluster or allow Ukraine to be further handcuffed by it — especially since much about Sunday’s incident does not pass the sniff test.
It is highly doubtful that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would use its limited ATACMS munitions to attack non-military targets — particularly as at no point during the war up to now has Ukraine intentionally targeted Russian civilians.
Rather, it is more likely that the Russian beachgoers were killed not by ATACMS or other US-made weapons, but by Russian military 9M330 air defense missiles fired by Moscow’s TOR-M2 anti-aircraft platform. --->READ MORE HERE
Russian bluster after Ukraine strikes Crimea isn’t the start of WWIII, just a new round of chicken with Joe:
Moscow directly blamed the United States for a Ukrainian attack on Kremlin assets in Crimea on Sunday, claiming US forces supplied the missiles and even aimed them — proving yet again that Vladimir Putin’s main weapon to keep America from fully supporting Kyiv is … bluster.
Sadly, the Biden White House and the isolationist right fall for it every time.
Ukrainian troops used US-provided long-range ATACMS missile systems to strike targets near Sevastopol; a Russian interceptor blew one of them up over the city, killing at least four.
That is, Russia bears immediate responsibility for the deaths — to say nothing of the fact that it invaded Ukraine to begin with, and Crimea is Russian-occupied Ukrainian territory.
Cue the bluster, with Kremlin flack Dmitry Peskov puffing that this “cannot but have consequences” for the United States and Putin pet Dmitry Medvedev threatening America with “earthly fire.”
In other words — more of the same.
Putin is aggressive and bloodthirsty, yes.
But he’s not going to start a nuclear war: That’d be disastrous for him, too.
He’s simply playing chicken with the White House because he knows Biden will always blink first and social media armchair geopolitical experts will cry “World War Three.”
Our president refuses to learn from the example set by all previous successful US deterrence of Russia. --->READ MORE HERE
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