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China Must Pay the Price for Unleashing COVID-19; Pentagon Watchdog Doesn’t Know How Much Overseas Gain-of-Function Research is Done with US Funds — Despite $1.4B Spent, and other C-Virus related stories

China must pay the price for unleashing COVID-19:
For four long years, an Anthony Fauci-led cabal sought to keep COVID’s origins in a Chinese lab hidden from the public.
With Beijing’s active assistance, they were largely successful.
Skeptics like myself, who suggested that Americans shouldn’t buy China’s bat-guano-crazy story about the virus coming from a wet market, were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” in the United States and attacked as “racists” by China.
My New York Post article exposing the lab was censored on Facebook by Fauci’s good friend Mark Zuckerberg.
Now, of course, the truth has finally come out — or, as the Chinese would say, “The water has receded and the rocks have emerged.”
Even The New York Times, which once mocked Sen. Tom Cotton for wondering if a lab leak was responsible for the pandemic, has now capitulated.
What it once dismissed as a “fringe theory” it now allows may be scientific fact.
And the scientific facts — as described by Prof. Richard Ebright of Rutgers University last week before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security — are these: There is “zero” evidence that the COVID virus originated in nature, and “multiple lines of secure evidence point to a research origin.”
Now that we’ve pieced together the puzzle of the origin of COVID-19, there has to be accountability. --->READ MORE HERE
Pentagon watchdog doesn’t know how much overseas gain-of-function research is done with US funds — despite $1.4B spent: report
The Pentagon’s internal watchdog admitted this week it doesn’t know how much research involving the enhancement of possible pandemic pathogens — also known as gain-of-function research — is being conducted in China or other nations, despite the department shelling out more than $1.4 billion in taxpayer money on research abroad between 2014 and 2023.
The Department of Defense Office of Inspector General released the inconclusive results Thursday of its congressionally mandated audit into funding that could have resulted in diseases becoming more virulent.
The 20-page report cited “significant limitations with the adequacy of data” — and said the Pentagon “did not track funding at the level of detail necessary to determine whether the DoD provided funding to Chinese research laboratories or other foreign countries” for the risky experiments.
The Pentagon prohibits such research and classifies it as “offensive biological work,” according to the report, which concluded the “full extent” of defense funding for it “is unknown.”
However, at least seven primary grants of more than $15.5 million were found to have flowed through subrecipients to “contracting research organization[s] in China or other foreign countries for research related to potential enhancement of pathogens of pandemic potential.”
Defense officials told auditors that the experiments did not involve “strengthening” any viruses.
Between 2019 and 2020, the US Army Medical Research and Development Command also gave more than $6.5 million in grants to WuXi AppTec, a controversial biotech company with ties to the Chinese military, “to test antivirals in cells and in animals” with non-enhanced pathogens, including the SARS-CoV-2, Dengue, Ebola, and Chikungunya viruses.
An unredacted version of the report reviewed by The Post further shows $2 million in grant money was used to infect cells and animals with “non-modified” SARS-CoV-2 in China and India in 2021. --->READ MORE HERE
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