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Biden’s Precarious Parole Programs for Illegal Immigrants; Biden’s Outrageous Use of a ‘Parole’ Loophole to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Aliens

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Biden’s Precarious Parole Programs for Illegal Immigrants: The BorderLine
In a Home Depot parking lot near San Diego, California, last month, five Haitian men were waiting for under-the-table work at six in the morning. Three hours later, the group numbered about 25. Migrant men hanging around a Home Depot is a common sight, but why would these guys from Haiti—from thousands of miles away in the Caribbean—be in El Cajon, California, minutes from the Pacific Ocean?
The answer is President Joe Biden’s novel, brazen immigration “parole” programs.
I chatted with one of the Haitians—let’s call him Michel. He and his friends entered the U.S. under the mass immigration parole program Biden opened for Venezuelans in October 2022 and expanded to Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua in January 2023.
Under this parole program, up to 30,000 aliens a month—who would never qualify for a visa—can apply using a phone app operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or CBP, called CBP One. Once approved, they can fly into U.S. airports to apply for parole. This is a formality, since almost all of those allowed into the country using CBP One are given parole once they arrive in the U.S. Michel has been here two months but hasn’t applied for asylum yet; he said “maybe next month” he would.
I call Biden’s parole programs “McVisas,” because they have all the benefits of a visa but none of the costs or controls. No fee. No medical check. No background check in their home country or others they have lived in. Applicants do need a sponsor in the U.S., but that person can be a nonresident alien or even another parolee.
Michel told me he had been living in Chile for five years, but it was expensive, so he went to Mexico and used CBP One to enter the U.S. He and the other Haitians flew into San Diego because that was where their sponsors were. These sponsors committed to the U.S. government that they would support their parolees, yet here they all were looking for work off the books. And if they get injured or sick, who will care for them? Local hospitals, via the emergency room—or in California, the Medi-Cal program, which now lets illegal aliens of all ages apply for free health care at taxpayer expense.
There’s more to Biden’s parole-a-palooza than the program for Venezuelans, Cuban, Haitians, and Nicaraguans. Thousands more “CBP One appointments are available to noncitizens located in Central and Northern Mexico to schedule a date and time to present at one of eight POEs [ports of entry] on the southern border,” CBP’s website says.
“CBP One is available to all noncitizens without documents sufficient for lawful admission into the United States to schedule an appointment” (emphasis is mine). This means the entire world is eligible to apply, as long as they get to Mexico first. --->READ MORE HERE
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Biden’s Outrageous Use of a ‘Parole’ Loophole to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Aliens:
Tuesday afternoon, President Joe Biden announced his latest unauthorized attempt to grant a back-door amnesty to half a million or more people living illegally in the United States.
When it stands between him and a policy objective, Biden treats the law of the land as a minor obstacle to work around.
Whether it’s passing along billions of dollars in loan balances from college students to you and me, giving chosen favorites massive breaks on mortgages, or handing millions in grant money from the so-called Inflation Reduction Act to activists who support illegal immigration, Biden acts as if limits set by Congress are just for us little people.
From a man who likes to say that democracy hangs by a thread and who claims to uphold the rule of law, this approach is ironic.
Congress intended immigration parole to be used by the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to allow a few hundred migrants a year into the country, in exceptional circumstances.
But the president has used it to create a string of “McVisa” programs benefiting Afghans, then Ukrainians, and then Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans. He used it for aliens to book an appointment on the CBP One app so they could just show up at a port of entry, then to allow family members from favored countries to cut the line and wait here instead of at home.
This latest idea jammed through the parole loophole by Biden is called “parole in place.” It’s based on some bogus premises, starting with pretending that someone living in the U.S. illegally for more than a decade is “applying for entry” today. (That would be like describing someone who showed up on your porch tomorrow but didn’t ring the doorbell until 10 years later as a “visitor.”)
Critics describe parole in place as an “amnesty” because under U.S. immigration law, aliens who’ve entered illegally can’t get green cards through their spouses because they’ve never been “admitted.” This isn’t just “bureaucratic hurdles,” as The Washington Post would have you believe. It was a deliberate attempt by Congress to make it harder for migrants to enter the U.S. illegally and stay with impunity. --->READ MORE HERE
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