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Biden State Department Spending Millions on Foreign LGBTQ Events as ‘Pride Month’ Approaches; Biden Admin Funds Atheists Abroad

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Biden State Department Spending Millions on Foreign LGBTQ Events as ‘Pride Month’ Approaches:
The State Department is funding an array of LGBTQ pride events across the globe ahead of June, some of which include events focused on children, federal grant records show.
President Joe Biden’s State Department is bankrolling a gay film festival, an LGBTQ community conference, and other pride events in Australia, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria in the lead-up to June, according to grant records.
Some observe June as “Pride Month” to commemorate the Stonewall riots, a series of clashes between LGBTQ people and the police after law enforcement raided a gay bar in 1969.
“The Department of State’s Pride theme for 2024 is ‘Pride and Protection: Human Rights for LGBTQI+ Persons around the World,’” a spokesperson for the department told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The theme is a stark reminder not only of the constant danger faced by LGBTQI+ persons for living their lives authentically, but also of the importance of our continued efforts at the Department internationally.”
“Even as we continue to be heartened by indications of progress toward LGBTQI+ equality, we are also alarmed by anti-LGBTQI+ and anti-democratic sentiments that seek to disenfranchise LGBTQI+ persons,” it continued.
American taxpayers are footing the bill for LBGTQ pride week in the Czech city of Brno, records show. Events at the taxpayer-funded pride week included reading “queer children’s literature” to young children, a “picnic for queer youth,” and an LGBTQ-affirming worship service performed by a female priest of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, according to the event’s website.
The Pride week spanned from May 18 to May 25 and received about $5,500 worth of public funding, records show.
American taxpayers are also paying for Sofia Pride, an LGBTQ Pride event in Bulgaria’s capital, according to grant records. The State Department has allocated roughly $15,000 for the event, which will take place on June 22.
Sofia Pride claims to be the “largest human rights event in Bulgaria” and says it is “key to LGBTQI+ visibility,” according to its website. --->READ MORE HERE
Congressional investigators recently uncovered that the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor awarded a $500,000 grant to Humanists International (HI), an organization that promotes atheism. While this money was supposed to be used to encourage religious tolerance particularly of minority faiths, and protect the religious liberties of people abroad, the Biden administration has gifted the funds to their radical atheist friends who actively undermine religious freedoms.
One glaring example of the programming this grant supports is HI’s work in Nepal to “conduct advocacy and membership activities promoting humanism,” and to “increase and diversify their membership work.” In other words, the State Department gave funding to HI to host a membership drive in Nepal.
This is wrong on many levels.
Firstly, these types of grants were not designed to gain converts for a particular religion, but rather to ensure that the basic human freedom to be true to your faith is respected. Yet somehow the Biden administration believes it is appropriate for the atheists to use this money to win “converts.” Rest assured that if some Catholic relief organization included proselytizing as part of its work the Biden administration would have pulled the plug on that programming.
Secondly, HI is a collection of some of the most rabid anti-Catholic organizations, and their disdain for religious liberty is palpable. In the United States, the HI coalition includes American Atheists, the American Humanist Association, and the American Ethical Union along with several other organizations. In addition to their participation with HI, these radicals also belong to the Coalition of Secular Americans. Under Biden, these militant secularists have had greater access to the administration particularly through the Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships Office. Is it any wonder then, that HI received this grant? --->READ MORE HERE
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