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Biden Breaks Law to Give Millions of Migrants Work Permits; Tyson Foods Speaks Out on Hiring Migrant Workers Over Americans

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Biden breaks law to give millions of migrants work permits:
The Biden administration is doing an end-run around the nation’s immigration laws — by giving migrants work permits in record numbers.
Since President Biden took office, more than 3.3 million migrants have been given a Employment Authorization Document (EAD), commonly known as the federal work permit, even though many didn’t even legally have the right to be America.
And as of February of this year, pending EAD applications stood at an another 1.4 million.
In many cases, migrants are given the right to work before they are even given asylum, a green card or other legal documentation that allows them to stay.
Not so long ago, the work permit rightly was considered an unwanted immigration “pull factor” and a key to managing immigration flows.
In 1996, the Immigration and Naturalization Service introduced a new rule: Asylum seekers had to wait 180 days before applying for work.
Asylum is meant for people fleeing legitimate claims of persecution, and aren’t just looking for better jobs.
Reviewing the previous year’s immigration statistics, then Immigration Commissioner Doris Meissner announced that new rules removing this “primary incentive” resulted in asylum claims dropping from 122,589 in 1994 to 53,255 in 1995.
“With this attack on fraud, we have closed a back door to illegal immigration” she added. --->READ MORE HERE
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Tyson Foods Speaks Out on Hiring Migrant Workers Over Americans:
Tyson Foods, the United States' largest poultry producer, has responded to a series of complaints an organization has made about its employment practices.
The complaints were filed by America First Legal, a nonprofit organization of attorneys and strategists run by Stephen Miller, Donald Trump's former senior adviser. The group also includes Matthew Whitaker, a former U.S. acting attorney general.
In March, the Arkansas-headquartered company faced similar accusations after a quickly retracted Scripps News article claimed it was hiring asylum-seekers who arrived in New York.
Wednesday, AFL announced that it had filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Justice and the Iowa Civil Rights Commission regarding alleged citizenship discrimination, racial discrimination and the breaking of child labor laws.
"Any insinuation that we would discriminate against Americans to hire immigrant workers is completely false," a Tyson Foods spokesperson told Newsweek via email Thursday. "Today, Tyson Foods employs 120,000 team members in the United States, all of whom are required to be legally authorized to work in this country."
The company added that it was "strongly opposed" to illegal immigration and only hired facility workers aged 18 and above.
Amid boycott calls in March, Tyson Foods released a statement disputing the allegations about its labor practices. --->READ MORE HERE
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