Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Biden Applies Soros DAs’ Shoplifting Rules to the Border; Biden Is Blowing Smoke on the Border

Go Nakamura/Reuters
Biden Applies Soros DAs’ Shoplifting Rules to the Border:
The White House has finally announced the long-awaited measure to respond to the border crisis (which President Biden himself caused). Despite the president’s repeated insistence that he lacked the power to do anything about the border, today’s proclamation is based on precisely the statutory authority that Republicans have insisted he’s had all along.
So, as Charlie said on today’s podcast, Biden was lying when he said the Senate had to pass the ridiculous Schumer-Lankford bill before he could act.
The proclamation contains the same “trigger” concept from the failed Senate bill, but with a lower number. While the Senate proposal would have triggered expulsion of anyone crossing illegally, without opportunity to apply for asylum, if the number of border incursions reached 4,000 per day, today’s announcement lowers the number to 2,500 a day. The expulsions would stop — and border-jumpers again processed and released into the country — once illegal crossings fall to 1,500 a day.
Trump tried to do the same thing, but without triggers; it was temporarily stopped by the Ninth Circuit, and then the incoming Biden administration dropped the matter.
These various trigger numbers are totally made up. Recall that Obama’s Department of Homeland Security secretary, Jeh Johnson, said that even 1,000 border infiltrations a day overwhelmed the system. It wouldn’t surprise me if the White House arrived at the 2,500 number by conducting focus groups to determine what was the highest number of illegal border crossings they could allow without losing key swing states.
Whatever the number, this approach says there’s a threshold level of “acceptable” illegal immigration. I haven’t seen anyone make the point that this is the same approach to border enforcement that the Soros DAs have taken to prosecuting shoplifters. --->READ MORE HERE (or HERE)
Leah Millis/Reuters
Biden Is Blowing Smoke on the Border:
In January, President Joe Biden pretended to throw up his hands at the border crisis he had created by undoing all of Donald Trump’s executive orders and the Remain in Mexico policy. “I’ve done all I can do, just give me the power,” he then claimed, while trying to get Congress to sign a bill that would further entrench the disorder and abuse of asylum claims his policies initiated.
It turns out there is something more Joe Biden can do: He can blow more smoke through the use of executive orders, in a desperate attempt to hide the mess his administration created.
Already, some are bragging or falsely complaining that Joe Biden is “shutting down” the border with his executive order. The New York Times calls it a “dramatic election-year move” that shows how drastically immigration politics have shifted in the United States and “echoes an effort backed by President Donald J. Trump.” Would that it were so.
The foreign-born percentage of the population of the United States has ballooned to a historic high as of March 2024 — 15.6 percent of the U.S. population, or 51.6 million people. That’s roughly equivalent to California (the most populous state in the union) and Pennsylvania (the fifth-most populous). Many millions of them have no legal right to live here, and exist in a legal limbo.
The claim is that the new executive order will impel administration officials to close the border once the seven-day average of illegal entries hits 2,500 per day. But there are many loopholes that allow the administration to avoid this and continue to admit bogus asylum seekers at a rate of over a million per year. The executive order would not address the 1,500 migrants per day who use the CBP One app at ports of entry. It doesn’t affect the tens of thousands of migrants a month who fly directly to the United States and are “paroled” into the country, via a kind of rolling amnesty for Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans. The executive order does little to combat the pipeline of asylum seekers who come from countries outside of the Western Hemisphere. Ukrainians, Russians, Afghans, and Eritreans have been pioneering a path of flying to South America and then crossing the formerly impassable Darién Gap on foot before trekking through Mexico to the U.S. border. The U.S. encountered 6,000 Chinese nationals crossing the Mexican border in December 2023 alone. --->READ MORE HERE
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