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Wake Up Call: Student Suspended for Saying ‘illegal alien’; Outrage as High School Student is Suspended Just for Using the Term ‘illegal alien’ in Class Discussion

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Wake up call: Student suspended for saying ‘illegal alien’:
It has been two decades in the making, but we are now here. Politically correct speech and jargon gymnastics have led to the apparent erosion of common sense in some of our most cherished institutions.
Most people recognize the absurdity of “birthing person” or “uterus owners” in activists’ social media posts. But the degradation of the English language and the shift of common culture happens in baby steps, ones we often don’t recognize until after they’ve happened.
This week in Davidson County, North Carolina, 16-year-old student Christian McGhee was suspended for three days for using the term “illegal alien” in class when clarifying the word “alien” in a vocabulary lesson. A classmate reportedly threatened to fight Christian over his word choice, but both students and their teacher insisted the exchange was innocent, and the other student’s outrage was in jest.
However, the school’s assistant principal is digging in. According to the student’s mother, Christian was suspended for three days, and the administrator refused to reconsider the mark on his record just a year before Christian plans to apply to college.
“If this was handled properly in the classroom, it could’ve easily been used as a teachable moment for everyone,” Leah McGhee, Christian’s mom, said in an interview on WBT’s Pete Kaliner show this week. “Our family feels that suspension and a label of racism is an extreme in this case. I feel that the negligence of the administration’s decision fueled the injustice to a student who simply asked for clarification from a teacher.”
This is not really a First Amendment issue, although the case could be made. This is more an example of the left’s decades-long, slow march through institutions. Their push includes policy, employee “training,” lawsuits, and lobbying that have fundamentally reshaped the very words we speak. And they use fear to enforce it. --->READ MORE HERE
Outrage as high school student is suspended just for using the term ‘illegal alien’ in class discussion:
A 16-year-old North Carolina high school student says he was suspended just for saying “illegal alien” while discussing word meaning in English class — possibly ruining his chances of landing a college sports scholarship.
Christian McGhee, a student at Central Davidson High School in Lexington, received a three-day suspension last week after he used the term in English class, the Carolina Journal reported.
His mother, Leah McGhee, said his teacher had given an assignment that used the word “alien,” and Christian asked: “Like space aliens or illegal aliens without green cards?”
Another student reportedly took offense and threatened to fight Christian, so the teacher took the matter to the assistant principal, according to the Carolina Journal.
“I didn’t make a statement directed towards anyone — I asked a question,” Christian told the outlet.
“I wasn’t speaking of Hispanics because everyone from other countries needs green cards, and the term ‘illegal alien’ is an actual term that I hear on the news and can find in the dictionary,” he added.
The suspension may also affect the student-athlete’s prospects of securing a college sports scholarship, the Journal noted.
“Because of his question, our son was disciplined and given THREE days OUT of school suspension for ‘racism,’” Leah wrote in an email describing the incident.
“He is devastated and concerned that the racism label on his school record will harm his future goal of receiving a track scholarship. We are concerned that he will fall behind in his classes due to being absent for three consecutive days,” she added in the message, which was shared with the outlet.
The irate mom said the assistant principal has refused to remove the suspension from the boy’s record, so the family has hired an attorney. --->READ MORE HERE
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