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US Aid Will Help UKR Launch Counteroffensive in 2025; RU Seeks to Intensify Assault 0perations in Chasiv Yar; RU Push NW of Avdiivka, But Ultimate Goal Unclear; Putin is Ready to Dismiss Shoigu; 100+ C-Clashes-Front, UKR Repels 89 Attacks-6 Dirs; RU Loses: 860 Sold, 9 Tanks, 21 Art-Sys, 23 Downed Drones, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

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Ukraine war latest: US aid will help launch counteroffensive in 2025, Sullivan says
Ukraine will look to launch a counteroffensive in 2025 with the support of the approved $61 billion aid package from the United States, as well as additional Western funding, U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told the Financial Times on May 4.
Sullivan echoed Ukraine's hopes that the country will "move forward to recapture the territory that the Russians have taken” - the clearest such articulation as to how the White House sees the war evolving in the coming months.
The Financial Times notes that any new Ukrainian offensive would require additional military aid from Western allies, including the United States. The most recent $61 billion aid package from the U.S. took months to pass through Congress amid political infighting.
The United States is currently leading talks among Group of Seven (G7) countries to develop a military aid package to Ukraine worth up to $50 billion, Bloomberg reported on May 3. The potential package would reportedly be funded by the profits generated by accrued interest on frozen Russian assets.
Despite mounting pressures of an anticipated Russian summer offensive, Sullivan noted that with incoming U.S. weapons, Ukraine will have the capacity to "hold the line" as it faces a difficult period in the war over the next few months.
Last month, in an interview with Germany's Bild magazine, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that while there is a plan for an eventual counteroffensive, any such developments would be contingent on receiving additional aid from Western allies. --->READ MORE HERE
Russia seeks to intensify assault operations in Chasiv Yar — Ukrainian military:
Oleh Kalashnikov, a spokesperson for the 26th Artillery Brigade named after Roman Dashkevych, commented on the situation in the Bakhmut sector
He said this on the Espreso TV channel.
"In Chasiv Yar, the invaders are trying to intensify their assault operations. The Russians are throwing literally everything they have at our section of the frontline. They are trying to use all resources in different directions," he noted.
However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are resisting the occupants' assault, said the spokesman for the 26th Artillery Brigade.
"The entire section of the frontline is now on fire, in fighting. But the Ukrainian Armed Forces are holding back the enemy, destroying the mechanized component, artillery and personnel. The Russians continue to throw people into the assault and attacks without mercy. Today, they have stopped sparing equipment," Kalashnikov added. --->READ MORE HERE
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