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UKRs Exploit New Artillery Supply to Thwart RU Push; At Last, UKR Troops in Kharkiv Oblast Get Artillery Shells; RU Withdraws Separate Army Units from Chasiv Yar; RU Makes 10 ATTEMPTS to Advance in Kharkiv Dir; UKR STILL CONTROLS Luhansk's Bilohorivka; 105 C-Clashes at Front; All 24 RU Drones Downed, and LOTS MORE

Screenshot from a Reporting From Ukraine video
Frontline report: Ukrainians exploit new artillery supply to thwart Russian push:
Ukrainian soldiers reported intense fighting but a failed Russian assault, as drone operators released geolocated footage showing them attacking Russian infantry in forests and tree lines with drone-dropped grenades.
On 21 May, there are a lot of updates from the Lyman direction. Here, Russian forces attempted to eliminate the Ukrainian bridgehead east of the Zherebets River. Meanwhile, Ukrainians are fiercely countering these assaults with relentless drone strikes and powerful artillery barrages and even started gaining more ground.
As stated in the previous report, Russian forces had exhausted their combat capabilities during their costly attempts to cross the river and attack Lyman, forcing Russians to enter a period of reorganization. This allowed Ukrainians to counterattack and retake numerous positions in the tree lines.
As Russians were still disorganized, they could not mount a counterattack and were forced to accept the Ukrainian tactical gains.
During the period of reorganization, Russian commanders realized that it was futile to simply continue their previous suicidal attacks, as Ukrainians would counter and destroy them all the same. Therefore, Russian commanders devised a strategy to finally break through and collapse the Ukrainian bridgehead on the river’s eastern bank.
Their plan consisted of two parts. First, they would conduct large infantry attacks toward Terny and Yampolivka. Russian commanders hoped that a series of powerful attacks would divert the attention of the Ukrainian defenders toward the north. Hereafter, Russians would execute a powerful mechanized assault aimed at quickly breaking through the distracted Ukrainian defenders and establishing a foothold in Torske.
If the Russian assault on Torske succeeds, the Russians would cut off a major supply line to Ukrainians in the north and split the Ukrainian defenses in two. While such a breakthrough would be a severe blow to the Ukrainian defense, it would not mean the collapse of the bridgehead. Ukrainians still control numerous other crossing points over the river, with which to reinforce and supply their positions in the north. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo: General Staff of UKraine via Telegram
At last, Ukrainian troops in Kharkiv Oblast get artillery shells to halt Russians – Euractive:
For months, Ukrainian army faced artillery shell shortages due to delays in US military aid, which Russia exploited by opening a new front in Kharkiv Oblast.
Ukrainian servicemen in Kharkiv Oblast near the Russian border are finally receiving the artillery shells they need to halt Russia’s advance, according to Euractiv reporters who visited the frontline and spoke with the soldiers.
For six months, Ukrainian troops were hindered by shortages of artillery shells and other weapons due to delays in US Congress approving military aid. Russia exploited this situation by opening a new front in northern Kharkiv Oblast on 10 May.
However, with the recent approval of a $61 billion aid package, Ukrainian gunners report that the crippling shortages are beginning to ease. The fighting in the region is intense, surpassing the soldiers’ previous experiences in Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, which Russia seized in 2023.
“We were positioned in the Bakhmut area before, now we have been transferred here. It’s much ‘hotter’ here. We didn’t have shells there. Here, at least we have shells, they started delivering them. We have something to work with, to fight,” said Pavlo, a gunner of Ukraine’s 92nd Separate Assault brigade.
The Ukrainian town of Vovchansk, 5 km inside the border, remains the focal point of the incursion. Ukrainian forces control about 60% of the town and are battling to repel Russian attacks.
Capturing Vovchansk would be Russia’s most significant gain since launching the assault, with Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, just 70 km away. --->READ MORE HERE
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