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UKR Hits Two RU Buk Anti-Aircraft Missile Complexes, Including 6 Missiles; UKR Forces Hold Chasiv Yar Despite RU Efforts; UKR's Drones Began Striking Unexpected RU Targets; Crimean Bridge Destruction is Quite Real; 106 C-Clashes at Front; RU Loses: 4 Air-Def-Sys, 20 Tanks, 20 Art-Sys, 1000 Sold, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Photo by Dimitar DILKOFF / AFP
Ukrainian Special Ops Hits Two Russian Buk Anti-Aircraft Missile Complexes Worth Millions:
Special Ops Forces drone team found and destroyed one Buk in the launch position. When another system arrived to replace it, SSO operators eliminated that one too.
The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SSO) reported on Telegram the targeting of two Russian Buk anti-aircraft missile complexes with the attack drones.
“SSO hits two Russian Buk air defense systems in the Sumy region,” the caption to the released video said.
Initially, SSO operators discovered one Russian missile complex during reconnaissance missions, which was in launch position. Ukrainian attack drones then targeted and disabled it.
Another Buk arrived to evacuate the disabled air defense system, but SSO operators struck it again.
“Therefore, two anti-aircraft missile systems of the Russians were hit,” the report read.
The Special Ops did not specify which type of attack drones were used for this mission.
Drone camera footage showed the Russian anti-aircraft missile complex, followed by an explosion indicating its disabling. Further, the second Buk was seen and targeted by a drone, resulting in another explosion.
While the time and location of the footage could not be independently verified by Kyiv Post analysts, there is a high probability that it showed the moments of hitting the Buk missile systems, despite the low video quality.
According to information from open sources, the cost of the latest modern version of this air defense system – the Buk-M1-2 – is approximately $100 million. However, from the video alone, it is difficult to ascertain which version is shown, and Special Ops did not specify in the report which versions were hit. --->READ MORE HERE
Ukraine's Special Operations Forces destroy Russian Buk anti-aircraft system and six missiles – video
Ukraine's Special Operations Forces have destroyed the transporter erector launcher (TEL) of a Russian Buk anti-aircraft missile system on the Sumy front.
Source : press service of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine
Details: According to reports, operators in a Ukrainian SOF unit spotted the Russian Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile system while conducting combat operations on the Sumy front.
The SOF operators then used attack drones to strike the target.
The Russians tried unsuccessfully to put out the fire and salvage their equipment. The hit destroyed the TEL, which contained six missiles, and damaged the Buk-M1's launch facility.
Previously: On 30 April, the Special Operations Forces reported the destruction of two Russian Buk anti-aircraft missile systems during reconnaissance, also on the Sumy front. --->WATCH and READ MORE HERE
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