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UKR Defense Forces Strengthen Pos in Kharkiv Reg; RUs Assault in Vovchansk Meets fierce UKR Resistance; Tensions Highest at Kupiansk, Pokrovsk Axes; UKR Expands Bridgehead On Dnipro's E-Bank; Explosions Heard in Kerch, Crimean Bridge closed, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Ukrainian Defense Forces strengthen positions in Kharkiv region: General Staff names hottest areas:
There were 139 combat clashes on the frontline over the last day. Pokrovsk direction remains the hottest spot
Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff reports about 28 combat clashes as of today.
On the border with Chernihiv and Sumy regions, the Russian forces maintain a military presence, conduct sabotage and reconnaissance activities, and shell populated areas from the territory of the Russian Federation.
Frontline situation
In the Kharkiv direction, Ukrainian forces have repelled two Russian attacks in the vicinity of Lyptsi since the beginning of the day, one of which is still ongoing. Ukrainian troops are taking measures to strengthen their defense.
According to the updated data, the occupying Russian army lost 195 people in this direction over the last day. Ukrainian defenders eliminated a Russian tank, seven artillery systems, one MLRS, 13 vehicles and five units of special equipment. In addition, two tanks, three artillery systems, eight vehicles and four units of special equipment were damaged.
In the Kupyansk direction, Ukrainian forces fought off an attack in the area of Stepova Novoselivka from the beginning of the day. Another combat clash is taking place near Petropavlivka.
In the Siversk direction, Ukrainian troops beat back one Russian attack near Vyimka village.
In the Kramatorsk direction, the Russian troops have tried to force Ukrainian units out of their positions twice since the beginning of the day. The Russians unsuccessfully conducted assault operations in the areas of Ivanivske and Klishchiivka.
As in the previous day, the situation remains the most tense in the Pokrovsk direction. Eight combat clashes are taking place there. The Russian forces are acting with the greatest intensity near Novoselivka Persha. Ukrainian Armed Forces defeated two more Russian attacks in the vicinity of Yasnobrodivka. Ukrainian defense forces are taking measures to stabilize the situation in this area. --->READ MORE HERE
Frontline report: Russia’s assault in Vovchansk meets fierce Ukrainian resistance:
On 28 May, there are a lot of updates from the Kharkiv direction. After the initial Russian plan to encircle Vovchansk had failed due to Russian underestimation and a quick Ukrainian response, Russians resorted back to their old tactic of taking the town by force.
In preparation for a large assault on the town, Russians started intensely shelling Vovchansk with both regular and rocket-propelled artillery and conducted air strikes with glide bombs.
One of the results of this indiscriminate shelling is that many civilian targets were hit as well. Ukrainian civilians released footage of the aftermath of a Russian barrage on the town center, destroying houses and, among others, a supermarket.
More footage shows the result of a Russian strike on a residential high-rise building. Another video shows the aftermath of a large Russian barrage on a residential area on the outskirts of the town as rescue workers salvage what they can and evacuate civilians.
A Ukrainian military blogger noted that the destruction of Vovchansk was likely being carried out to force civilians to leave and turn the town into a grey zone. Such a grey zone would significantly improve the situation for the Russians regarding urban combat. Besides avoiding collateral damage to civilians, empty houses, streets, and apartments would allow Russians to advance through the town and clear buildings much quicker and without hindrance.
Ukrainian soldiers in the area stated that while the strikes on the town continued, Russian infantry started moving in from the north with heavy artillery support. However, Ukrainians did not let the Russians walk in uncontested; they prepared ambushes and moved between tactical positions to halt and slow the Russian advance.
One geolocated video shows how Ukrainians fired on advancing Russian infantry with machine guns and RPGs while moving between houses.
Ukrainians used many junctions and streets to lay down fire over the roads, forcing the Russians to move off the streets and in between the houses. This caused Russians to be forced into close-quarters urban fighting, where Russian artillery support was ineffective and too dangerous due to the close proximity between Russian and Ukrainian fighters.
A Ukrainian soldier active in the area stated that Russians were attempting to gain a foothold in the northern part of Vovchansk. Such a foothold would allow Russians to have a staging ground in the town itself from which to conduct further attacks.
The Institute for the Study of War also reported that Russians used a new tactic here. Russians infiltrated Ukrainian lines in small groups of no more than five people before merging with other small assault groups into a larger force and strike group. Russians used this tactic extensively to cause confusion in the Ukrainian lines and quickly advance deeper into the town. --->READ MORE HERE
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