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Texas Authorities Armed With ‘thousands’ of Pepperballs Instructed to Go Full Force Against Migrants Arriving by ‘The Beast’ Train to El Paso Border; Texas National Guard Preparing to Deter Migrants Arriving at US-Mexico Border on Freight Trains

Texas authorities armed with ‘thousands’ of pepperballs instructed to go full force against migrants arriving by ‘The Beast’ train to El Paso border:
Hundreds of migrants have started arriving daily at the border just south of El Paso via overloaded freight trains on a line nicknamed “The Beast,” after the Mexican government stopped cracking down on people hitching rides.
In response to an expected spike in illegal crossing attempts, Texas National Guard soldiers have been issued non-lethal pepperball ammo to deter would-be border crossers from attempting to sneak over in the fortified areas around points of entry, a National Guard source told The Post.
The soldiers have been armed with “thousands” of pepper balls and the source adds, “It’s on like Donkey Kong right now,” pointing out more troops are also being called in as reinforcements.
The first train arrived Wednesday in Juarez, directly south of El Paso, with hundreds of migrants offloading, according to Border Report.
Some intended to go straight to the Rio Grande River to attempt to cross into El Paso illegally while many families were seeking shelter in Juarez before attempting to cross Thursday, according to the report.
No one is supposed to cross the border outside of designated points of entry, not only because it is illegal but also because it is dangerous.
Migrants seeking asylum are supposed to wait until they have an appointment with the Department of Homeland Security to enter the country through the CBP One app and then present themselves to border officers.
However, in practice, the Biden administration doesn’t enforce this rule and treats those who surrender themselves at points of entry the same. That practice is what has led many to criticize the administration’s policies for being soft.
Migrants refer to the trains that bring them to the border as “La Bestia,” which translates as The Beast, because it is known as a “Death Train” because of the risk of death and loss of limbs associated with clinging onto the sides or riding its roof for the dangerous between Chihuahua and Juarez.
Texas began arming soldiers and state troopers deployed to the border in El Paso with pepper ball guns and other tools to break up large groups after hundreds of migrants stormed the area at a crossing known as Gate 36 — a storm gate which is not a point of entry — on March 21, which was caught on camera by The Post. --->READ MORE HERE
Image: Texas Military Department
Texas National Guard Preparing to Deter Migrants Arriving at US-Mexico Border on Freight Trains
The Texas National Guard was reportedly issued non-lethal pepper ball ammo to deter would-be illegal immigrants arriving via freight train at the U.S.-Mexico border. The migrants, sitting atop the boxcars, are hoping to evade the National Guard, and instead turn themselves in for processing by Border Patrol, which will release them into the interior of the U.S. with a notice to appear (NTA) in immigration court, often for years in the future.
According to a source who spoke with the New York Post, Texas National Guardsmen have been equipped with “thousands” of rounds of non-lethal pepper ball ammunition. According to the Border Report, which obtained footage of the freight train arriving in Juarez, Mexico, on Wednesday afternoon, the train came from Chihuahua City, “where authorities recently disbanded hundreds of migrants staying in tents behind a convenience store next to train tracks.”
Migrants told the outlet that they were hoping to be apprehended by U.S. Border Patrol and make it to states where some individuals have family or friends waiting for them.
“I am traveling by myself and they’re waiting for me in Florida,” an 18-year-old Venezuelan migrant identified as Johan, told Border Report. “I left [Venezuela] on February 5 and I stayed in Mexico some time and the [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] appointment never came. […] I will go to the river and see what happens.” --->READ MORE HERE
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