Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Sen. Tom Cotton Introduces Bill to Block Anti-Israel Protesters from Getting Biden Student Loan Bailouts; Maher: Biden’s Loan Plan Is ‘Tax Dollars’ ‘Supporting This Jew-Hating’ on Campus

Sen. Tom Cotton introduces bill to block anti-Israel protesters from getting Biden student loan bailouts :
Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) introduced legislation on Friday that would prevent anti-Israel protesters from receiving student loan forgiveness if they are convicted of a crime stemming from campus demonstrations.
The Arkansas Republican’s No Bailouts for Campus Criminals Act, which is co-sponsored by 18 other GOP senators, would make any individual convicted of a state or federal offense in connection with a campus protest ineligible for any federal student loan relief.
“Americans who never went to college or responsibly paid off their debts shouldn’t have to pay off other people’s student loans,” Cotton said in a statement.
“They especially shouldn’t have to pay off the loans of Hamas sympathizers shutting down and defacing campuses,” he added.
The legislation was introduced in response to a wave of anti-Israel, antisemitic, and pro-terror protests that have swept college campuses across the country.
Some 200 anti-Israel protesters have been arrested since mid-April at Columbia University’s Manhattan campus.
The activists first set up a tent encampment on one of the main lawns at the Ivy League school before storming and occupying one the university’s historic buildings, forcing final exams to be postponed and students to take classes online. --->READ MORE HERE
Maher: Biden’s Loan Plan Is ‘Tax Dollars’ ‘Supporting This Jew-Hating’ on Campus:
On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that President Joe Biden’s student loan plan is “my tax dollars” “supporting this Jew-hating” we’ve seen on college campuses after colleges jacked up tuitions.
Maher said, “I’m so incensed about some of this stuff, because, when I read about the college loans…[the] Biden administration’s student debt cancellation will cost a combined 870 billion to 1.4 trillion. That’s a lot of debt forgiveness. Okay, so colleges constantly raise tuition, then the kids take out more loans, then the government comes by and pays those loans. Okay, so, my tax dollars are supporting this Jew-hating? I don’t think so.”
Fox News Contributor and former Trump Senior Counselor Kellyanne Conway responded that it’s fundamentally unfair to have blue-collar workers paying off the loans of lawyers and doctors and that Biden made the move he did on student loans for political reasons. --->WATCH and READ MORE HERE
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