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RU Unlikely to Seize Kharkiv City Despite Offensive Efforts; RU Troops Stopped 2-5 km from Border in N.Kharkiv Region; UKR Pushing RUs Out of “gray zone”; UKR Downs RU SU-25 Aircraft; UKR Targets RU Facist Parade in Donetsk; 104 C-Clashes; RU Loses: 1300 Sold, 55 Art-Sys, 15 Tanks, 40 Arm-Veh Last Day, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

ISW: Russia unlikely to seize Kharkiv City despite offensive efforts:
The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported on 9 May that Russian offensive operations along the Kharkiv international border “likely have the strategic objective of drawing and fixing Ukrainian forces to this axis to enable Russian advances in other areas of eastern Ukraine.”
Ukrainian Khortytsia Group of Forces Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Nazar Voloshyn said that “Russian forces are attempting to incite panic in Ukrainian forces to cause them to divert resources and manpower from Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts to Kharkiv Oblast.”
According to the ISW, Russian forces have sought to exploit opportunities for localized advances due to Ukrainian shortages, “achieving tactical gains northwest and west of Avdiivka as well as intensifying efforts towards Chasiv Yar.”
ISW assesses that “resuming offensive efforts in northern Kharkiv Oblast and achieving even tactically significant gains could cause the Ukrainian military command to dedicate manpower and materiel to the defense north of Kharkiv City that it could otherwise dedicate to defending elsewhere.”
Ukrainian Commander in Chief Colonel General Oleksandr Syrskyi said on 28 April that Ukrainian forces deployed artillery and tank units to the “most threatened” areas in the Kharkiv direction. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said on 10 May that Ukrainian forces have already deployed additional reserves to defend against the Russian offensive operation in northern Kharkiv Oblast.
The ISW reported that this Russian offensive effort “likely aims to stretch Ukraine’s limited resources and worsen Ukrainian manpower constraints by forcing Ukraine to respond to ongoing Russian offensive operations across a wider swath of territory in eastern Ukraine.” --->READ MORE HERE
Russian troops were stopped 2-5 km from border in northern Kharkiv region:
As of 12:00 on May 11, the Defense Forces of Ukraine stopped the advance of Russian occupation troops at the 2-5 km from the Ukrainian-Russian border
This was reported by military journalist Yuriy Butusov.
“The advance of Russian troops has been stopped at 2-5 km from the border, our defense is deployed and is effectively working against the Russians,” he said in a statement.
According to the journalist, Russian attacks have been repelled so far. Ukrainian reserves are being deployed in one of the areas where the enemy managed to advance.
At the same time, Butusov emphasized that the Russians are trying to use infiltration tactics, i.e. they are looking for gaps in the combat formations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces by independent infantry groups that are supposed to bypass Ukrainian resistance nodes with the support of air and artillery strikes.
“But the enemy has not managed to get far, all attempts to infiltrate have been detected, our artillery and drones are actively working on the enemy. Ukrainian artillery is currently supplied with ammunition,” the journalist emphasized.
He noted that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Syrskyi appointed one of the most competent and energetic commanders to the command of the Kharkiv military operation grouping. Therefore, according to him, “our assessments of the situation are objective, the brigades receive realistic tasks and act confidently.” --->READ MORE HERE
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