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Over 6000 RUs Troops Killed in 6 Day Period; RU Army Not Present in Chasiv Yar; UKR Counterattack Disrupts RU Offensive Near Bakhmut, Russia TRIES to Break Through Defense, Reach Kurakhove, Pokrovsk; RU Loses Su-34 Fighter Bomber +Crew; UKR Destroys RU Fast Attack Craft-Crimea; 7 Dead, 35 Inj in UKR Attack on Belgorod, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

NY POST: Over 6,000 Russian troops killed in six-day period bringing death toll to nearly 500K since war began:
An estimated 1,260 Russian troops were killed on the battlefield Saturday – the sixth straight day Russia lost over 1,000 men to fighting, according to new estimates.
The slaughter brings the total Russian deaths to nearly 500,000 troops since Vladimir Putin launched his full-scale invasion on Ukraine more than two years ago.
The figures from the general staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces were validated by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense in a statement Saturday.
With a depleted fighting force, Russia has started actively recruiting women for the war, The New York Times reported, even extending the efforts into prisons.
Recruitment is also an issue for Ukraine’s military, which has started tracking down draft evaders, The Guardian reported.
In addition to the heavy loss of personnel, Russia has also lost 7,366 tanks, 348 airplanes, 325 helicopters, 9,611 drones, 26 ships and boats, and one submarine since the start of the war.
These latest estimates come as Ukraine claimed to have downed 13 drones launched overnight from the Russian region of Belgorod on the northeastern border of Ukraine. Kyiv also claimed it shot down another Russian Su-25 fighter jet over the eastern region of Donetsk on Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, the Kyiv Independent reported. --->READ MORE HERE
Photo: Office of the President of Ukraine
Russian army not present in Chasiv Yar – Ukrainian military spokesperson:
Ukraine's defense forces are controlling the situation around the city of Chasiv Yar, and the Russian army is not present there.
Nazar Voloshyn, spokesperson for the Khortytsia group of forces, said this on Ukrainian television, Ukrinform reports.
"The Defense Forces are controlling the situation around the city of Chasiv Yar. Over the past week and today, the situation around the city has not changed, with active fighting going on day and night. However, Russian propaganda periodically issues fake reports that their army has already entered the city. The enemy has not made any territorial gains there in the past few days. There is no enemy Russian army in the city," Voloshyn said.
He also added that the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not blow up a bridge across the Siverskyi Donets-Donbas Canal.
"On the contrary, our units are rebuilding that bridge to have supply routes. And when the process was going on, and our truck brought construction materials, an FPV drone hit it. No one was killed, the truck was damaged. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are monitoring the situation in that sector as well," Voloshyn added. --->READ MORE HERE
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