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Our ‘Woke’ Rackets: We Know Who Will Pay The Bill

Our ‘Woke’ Rackets:
We know who will pay the bill.
The “longshoreman philosopher” Eric Hoffer once observed, “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” This course of corruption has been ubiquitous in U.S. history, but especially characterized the postwar period. In contemporary times, the post-Cold War period, it is accelerating and now reaching terminal velocity.
One of the great causes in our history was the Civil Rights Movement begun in 1954. The people who comprised it made a dignified moral and historical argument against segregation, onederived from Christian ethics and the Prologue to the Declaration of Independence, and eschewing the parochial identarianism and violence of leftist activists. The results were the epochal Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
It didn’t take long, however, for that noble cause to become a business, then degenerate into a racket that exploited discriminatory government polices like affirmative action, all predicated on a made-up “compelling state interest” called “diversity”––an Orwellian term that relied on crude racialist, superficial group characteristics, while ignoring the true diversity of individual hearts and minds.
The Civil Rights Movement then became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party and government agencies backed by federal law and enforced by hordes of bureaucrats. Consultants, trial lawyers, administrators, educrats, and diversity “trainers” waxed fat on political power and redistributed taxpayer loot.
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Today’s diversity 2.0 DEI cartel has expanded the reach and power of Diversity INC to corporate C-Suites and Boards of Directors, magnifying the corruption. As Victor Davis Hanson wrote recently, “Grifters and opportunists mask their selfish agendas under the cloak of neo-Marxist care for the underprivileged or victimized minorities. Meanwhile, they seek to profit illegally as if they were old-fashioned crony capitalists.”
This corruption of our constitutional order and foundational principles–– the assaults on the integrity of the First Amendment rights to free speech and religion, or the 14th amendment’s guarantee of “due process,” the “equal protection of the laws,”and the accountability of power to the people ––is a dire threat to our ordered freedom and political equality, for such debasement relentlessly subjects our republic to regulatory tyranny.
Equally dangerous is the corruption of science in order to advance political goals by marketing them as expressions ofscience. We saw this happen in real time during the Covid pandemic, when politicized mitigation measures like mask mandates, arbitrary “social distancing” diktats, and compelled lock-downs of schools, churches and businesses were imposed and enforced, and scientists who questioned those mandates were attacked, denigrated, and censored.
Meanwhile, pharmaceutical barons and federal agency mediocrities got rich. The cost of these policies was more deaths than the virus caused, and long-term damage to children’s education and social development. And nobody has been held to account.
More insidious has been the transgender movement based on the unscientific claim that sex identity is a function of psychological perceptions and trauma, rather than biology. Worse, medical professionals, who we assume are trained in medical science, have endorsed harmful treatments like cross-hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and gruesome irreversible surgeries. --->READ MORE HERE
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