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Is Diehl Plant, Prod Missiles and IRIS-T Systems, On fire in Berlin? "It may take Russia months to seize Chasiv Yar"; On the Ground with UKR Forces Defending City Key to RU’s Plans; UKR Targets RU’s Anti-AirCrt Mis-Sys, Ammo Depots, Air-Def Sys Over Last Day; 97 C-Clashes, 78 Attacks Repelled in 7 Dirs, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

Is Diehl plant, producing missiles and IRIS-T systems, really on fire in Berlin?
Despite the fact that a plant owned by Diehl, which is also the manufacturer of IRIS-T, is actually on fire, it is necessary to understand the structure of this German company
Ukrainian Defense Express expert group explained.
Amid a really dangerous fire at one of the production facilities in Berlin, the news spread online that the IRIS-T missile and air defense system manufacturing plant - Diehl - was on fire.
This is a rather complicated fire, as the fire service of the German capital directly reports, because the room containing the chemicals is burning. Because of the smoke, Berliners are advised to close their windows and not switch on air conditioning.
"Although the fire did engulf a Diehl corporation enterprise, it was not Diehl Defense, but Diehl Metall. All of them do belong to Diehl, one of the largest German corporations with sales of 3.5 billion euros a year and 16.5 thousand employees, which covers five main areas. In addition to the above, there are Diehl Aviation, Diehl Controls and Diehl Metering, as well as dozens of individual production units and sites," Defense Express explained.
The premises of one of them, Diehl Metal Applications GmbH, were damaged in the fire. The company manufactures copper alloy products, electroplating, and complex stamped products. It is possible that some of the company's products are used in the production of missiles or IRIS-T systems, but it is definitely not the final production. Therefore, there is hardly a catastrophic threat to the IRIS-T production rate. --->READ MORE HERE
"It may take Russia months to seize Chasiv Yar": military expert Zgurets on probability of losing town
Defense Express CEO and military expert Serhiy Zgurets commented on the statement of the Deputy Chief of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence Vadym Skibitskyi about the possible capture of Chasiv Yar
He spoke about this on the Espreso TV channel.
"Skibitskyi's statement that the loss of Chasiv Yar will be unavoidable should be interpreted a little differently. He says that everything will depend on the forces, means and reserves of the Ukrainian side. We should not say unequivocally that we are talking about the loss of Chasiv Yar. The enemy cannot push through in the areas it has prioritized in this direction. If the enemy is reinforced with reserves and artillery, I think it will take the enemy months to take Chasiv Yar. It is inappropriate to talk about any capture of this town as a predictable situation," Zgurets said.
According to him, in this area the Russian army can indeed act like it did near Avdiivka, when artillery and aviation were used to completely dismantle the defense structures of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
"Of course, later it is extremely difficult to defend what is completely destroyed. But in any case, Skibitskyi's interview with The Economist is aimed at the European and American audiences, among others. The point is that Europe must continue to provide stable support to Ukraine, otherwise this war will spread to NATO countries. Then it will be a much bigger challenge for the Alliance than what is now happening on the frontline in Ukraine," he added. --->READ MORE HERE
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