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Inside Trump’s Plan to Deport ‘nearly 20 million’ ILLEGAL Migrants From the US; Trump Discusses Using Military to Expel Illegal Immigrants in Second Term: 'These aren't civilians'; Read what the LEFT LEANING 'Guardian' had to say

NY POST: Inside Trump’s plan to deport ‘nearly 20 million’ illegal migrants from the US
Donald Trump has vowed to deliver the “largest mass deportation effort” in American history if he gets back into office next year, targeting millions of illegal migrants across the country.
The 45th president has frequently spoken about his deportation agenda, and recently indicated in a TIME Magazine interview that he would leverage local law enforcement, the National Guard and the military to carry out his plan — similar to the dragnet-style sweeps of “Operation Wetback” under former President Dwight Eisenhower that shipped more than 1 million migrants out in 1954.
The Trump 2024 campaign has not gotten into the details of what resources would be needed to find, detain and deport the “nearly 20 million” illegal migrants they say are currently in the US.
But carrying out an operation that large would require a massive expansion of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, collaboration with the State Department and a boost in funding from Congress, former ICE officials tell The Post.
The 20 million claim from the Trump campaign is “not an unreasonable estimate” given the fluctuations and record-breaking number of migrants entering the US under the Biden administration, Eric Ruark, NumbersUSA’s director of research, told The Post.
“There’s probably between 15 and 20 million, given the number of people we’ve seen coming over,” Ruark said, contrasting with the official estimate of 11 million from the US Census Bureau.
Tom Homan, former acting director of ICE under Trump, said the agency has “systems in place that are very good at identifying people,” but the speed of the deportations would depend on the resources on hand.
“A lot of that is going to be up to Congress … We need officers, we need detention beds, we need transportation contracts … because [we would have] more flights heading out of the country and more bus removals down to the border,” Homan said.
“We would still prioritize criminals and national security threats first, they are the most dangerous for the country.” he added. “But I would say no one is off the table. If you’re in this country illegally… then we’ll remove you.” --->READ MORE HERE
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FOX NEWS: Trump discusses using military to expel illegal immigrants in second term: 'These aren't civilians'
Trump said he intends to use the National Guard to deport illegal immigrants, didn't rule out using other branches of the military
Former President Trump plans to use the military to expel illegal immigrants if he wins the November election, the presumptive GOP nominee told TIME Magazine in an interview published Tuesday.
TIME also reported that the former president intends to reinstate the Remain in Mexico program, which required migrants to return to Mexico until their immigration hearings, and Title 42, a COVID-era policy that allowed border officials to turn away migrants due to health concerns. Other plans include resuming border wall construction and launching a widespread deportation effort.
The former president said he mostly wanted to use the National Guard to remove illegal immigrants.
"If they weren’t able to, then I’d use [other parts of] the military," Trump told TIME.
"Well, these aren’t civilians," he said, in response to TIME's question about the Posse Comitatus Act, which prevents the government from using the military to execute the law or act as a police force. "These are people that aren’t legally in our country."
The magazine also reported that the former president would call on local police to help handle migrants and would deny local governments funding if they choose not to comply with his policies.
"There’s a possibility that some won’t want to participate," Trump said. "And they won’t partake in the riches."
The Trump campaign pointed Fox News Digital to its website's "Agenda47" proposals on immigration.
Illegal immigration remains a top issue for voters in the upcoming election amid a record number of border crossings since President Biden took office. --->READ MORE HERE
The LEFT LEANING 'Guardian' had this to say:

Mass deportations, detention camps, troops on the street: Trump spells out migrant plan

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