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How Hamas Bought Joe Biden: Bloodstained Currency, Smuggled Gold Bars and a $200,000 Check

How Hamas Bought Joe Biden:
Bloodstained currency, smuggled gold bars and a $200,000 check.
On March 1, 2018, Joe Biden got a $200,000 check. The story of where that check came from involves everything from “bloodstained currency” to smuggled gold bars to ‘The Exorcist’.
But above all else it involves an enemy Muslim tyranny with ties to 9/11 and Hamas.
When I first broke the story a week before Election Day, it was about how hospital patients in smaller poorer hospitals, including one that had inspired ‘The Exorcist’, had suffered because of the corrupt greed of the Biden family. But even then there was a strange element which led to one of the key figures in the case receiving “blood-stained currency from a Middle Eastern country” and a “torture ticket” after suing James Biden: Joe’s brother.
Four years later, in the midst of the Hamas war, the identity of the “Middle Eastern country” behind the Biden business takes on new importance because it is a state sponsor of Hamas.
And congressional investigators and investigative journalists have also traced a trail from Qatar, through James’ health care business to that $200,000 check he sent to Joe Biden.
The health care business that brought together the Biden family and an Islamic terror state had targeted stricken rural hospitals in Kentucky, Missouri and Pennsylvania.
Americore’s CEO was introduced by James Biden to Joe at a fundraiser for the Beau Biden Foundation: co-chaired by Hunter Biden whose infamous laptop bore the foundation’s sticker.
James Biden allegedly promised that Joe would get behind the company, join its board and that the company’s work would even “help his brother get elected.”
“There’s not a single door in the country that we can’t open,” James promised the company.
But the money wasn’t coming in and James Biden was taking out major personal loans from the company that was supposed to be managing struggling hospitals. And with Joe out of the White House, there wasn’t going to be any government bailout of Americore any time soon.
James Biden didn’t set out to open doors in this country, but in an enemy of the United States.
The Americore pitch sought $30 million to buy up hospitals and named Jim as the “Brother and Campaign Finance Chair of former Vice President Joe Biden.” Internal documents showed that this resulted in a meeting with a Qatari “minister”. While the Qataris had plenty of money to burn, getting it to America involved conspiracies more often associated with drug dealers.--->READ MORE HERE
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