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House GOP Wants Answers From FBI Over Diversity Obsession; DEI Hires Pushed Onto the FBI are Putting the Country’s Safety at Risk for the Sake of Being ‘woke’

Jack Gruber-USA TODAY
House GOP wants answers from FBI over diversity obsession:
The FBI’s woke recruitment practices are under fire from Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee, who are demanding answers from Director Christopher Wray over the bureau’s “hyper-fixation” on hitting DEI targets, which they say is putting American lives — and liberty — at risk.
The FBI has struggled to attract qualified applicants since President Biden issued his first executive order on Inauguration Day promulgating DEI programs across the administration, Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) claimed in a letter sent to Wray on Monday.
“A few months later, on April 21, 2021, you announced the hiring of the FBI’s first Chief Diversity Officer, Scott McMillon [and] the FBI [re-focused] its recruitment efforts on DEI statistics …
“The FBI’s hyper-fixation on hitting Biden Administration-imposed DEI initiatives, rather than qualifications that make the best federal law enforcement candidates and officers, has created a climate within the FBI that puts the American public and American civil liberties at risk.”
Jordan cites examples such as:
– The FBI Richmond Field Office’s infamous Catholic memo targeting traditional Catholics as potential subversives.
– The armed, pre-dawn raid on the residence of pro-life advocate Mark Houck.
– The FBI’s “nefarious role” in ensuring the Hunter Biden laptop story was suppressed and censored from the American people “weeks before the presidential election.”
The Post has reported previously on a dossier compiled by a group of retired senior FBI special agents and analysts that detailed “alarming trends” in the bureau’s recruitment and selection process, including: --->READ MORE HERE
DEI hires pushed onto the FBI are putting the country’s safety at risk for the sake of being ‘woke’:
An alarming deterioration in recruitment standards for the FBI has been exposed in a report delivered to the House Judiciary Committee by an alliance of retired and active-duty agents and analysts.
Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) requirements pushed by FBI Director Chris Wray have degraded recruitment standards in all areas including “physical fitness, illicit drug use, financial irregularities, mental health, full-time work experience and integrity,” and pose a threat to the FBI’s ability to protect America from harm, say the authors.
The report cites cases of new agents who are so fat and unfit, they can’t even pass the new relaxed standards for fitness; who are illiterate and need remedial English lessons; who don’t want to work weekends or after hours; have serious disabilities or mental-health issues, and “create drama.”
The FBI is no longer recruiting the “best and brightest” to be special agents, but selecting candidates based on “race, gender and/or sexual orientation.”
The alliance of anonymous FBI reformers includes senior former executives and agents from the counterintelligence and counterterrorism branches who warn that today’s FBI “lacks the fortitude and skills warranted to defeat [existential] threats . . .
“And if the current trajectory of FBI Special Agent recruitment and selection continues — using DEI as the primary and sole measure — our homeland security efforts will be significantly hampered.”
An increasing number of “lower-quality candidates — described by one source as ‘breadcrumbs’ because they were rejected by other federal law-enforcement agencies” — are applying to become FBI special agents; and are being recruited because they “satisfy the FBI’s priority to meet Diversity, Equity and Inclusion mandates.” --->READ MORE HERE
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