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Gen Stf: Intense Fighting Along Almost Entire F-Line; UKR Repels RU Assault On Chasiv Yar, Destroys 20+ Arm-Veh; UKR Has Stronger Positions in Kharkiv Oblast; RU Minesweeper 'Kovrovets' Destroyed; UKR Drones Attack Mil-Airfd, Refinery, Fuel Depot in RU; Dozens of Kadyrov's fighters Killed in Vovchansk, LIVE UPDATES and LOTS MORE

General Staff: intense fighting along almost the entire front line, greatest activity in the Siversky and Pokrovske directions:
As of this moment, intense fighting is being observed along almost the entire front line between Ukrainian and Russian forces.
The General Staff of Ukraine notes that Russian armed forces are currently most active in the Siverky and Pokrovske directions in the east of the country.
This was reported by the General Staff of Ukraine on telegram.
“Intense hostilities continue along almost the entire front line, with the greatest activity of the occupants currently observed in the Siversky and Pokrovsky sectors,” the statement said.
Over the course of the day, 78 combat engagements took place on the front line.
According to the General Staff, since the beginning of the day, Russian armed forces have significantly intensified their activity in the Siversky sector. Russian troops are trying to break through the defense in the areas of Bilohorivka, Verkhnekamianske and Rozdolivka. There have already been 20 combat engagements in this area.
In the Pokrovsk sector, Russian troops are not reducing the intensity of their attacks. Russians launched air strikes in the areas of Vovche, Tymofiivka, Yevheniivka and Sokol. In addition, the Russian military dropped five UAVs.
”The units of the Defense Forces are bravely holding off the enemy’s offensive along the entire front line. Thanks to confident and coordinated actions, Ukrainian soldiers are doing everything to disrupt the enemy’s plans. In some places, they are taking measures to improve the tactical situation,” the statement noted.
In total, 19 attacks have already taken place in this area, ten of them are still ongoing. --->READ MORE HERE
Zelenskyy: Ukrainian forces repel Russian assault on Chasiv Yar, destroy over 20 enemy armored vehicles
On 18 May, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that the Defense Forces repelled a Russian assault on Chasiv Yar in the Donetsk region and destroyed over 20 enemy armored vehicles.
Today, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army said that Russian troops are not abandoning their attempts to capture the city despite losses in resources and military equipment. For the second day in a row, Russians have been extensively using armored vehicles in the direction of the village of Novyi.
Yesterday, Russian units attempted to penetrate Ukrainian combat lines with two tanks and 21 infantry fighting vehicles but suffered losses and retreated. The occupiers deployed a tank, two infantry fighting vehicles, and two “Tiger” armored vehicles. Ukrainian soldiers destroyed the equipment during the battle, forcing the enemy to retreat again.
Roman Hasko, the spokesperson for the 80th Separate Air Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, noted that the battle for Chasiv Yar, located west of Bakhmut, is at its peak.
According to him, the intensity of the fighting remains quite high for an extended period. There are no signs of it decreasing, as the enemy has sufficient artillery, ammunition, and personnel to continue fighting, as per UNIAN.
Meanwhile, the president added that combat engagements continue to occur across different parts of the front line. --->READ MORE HERE
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