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Biden’s Released Migrants Still Camp on Streets of El Paso; EXCLUSIVE: Video Shows Migrants Released by Biden Admin Camping on El Paso Streets

PHOTOS: Biden’s Released Migrants Still Camp on Streets of El Paso
Despite a marked slowdown in migrant crossings into Texas in recent months, migrants released by the Biden administration can still be found sleeping and congregating in the heart of downtown El Paso.
The migrants say they stay in a downtown church shelter during the night and roam the downtown commercial area during the day. Many migrants panhandle or look for odd jobs to earn money, while others loiter in alleyways and street corners as local shoppers walk past.
Breitbart Texas spoke to Julieta, a migrant from Nicaragua, and her family. Julieta says she and her family have been on the downtown streets for eighteen days since entering the United States illegally. Julieta was accompanied by her father, mother, and three small children. As the children played, her father sat in the shade and spoke about eventually reaching Houston.
“I’ll work when I get there if I can find a job,” Julieta’s father says. Julieta says they have some relatives and friends in the Houston area they hope to contact. Julieta told Breitbart Texas her son was ill while in Border Patrol custody. She says he was diagnosed with Varicella (chickenpox), but God cured him before the family was released onto the streets of El Paso nearly three weeks ago.
While Julieta and her family described the long and arduous trip from Nicaragua, her small children moved up and down the sidewalk, playing with a plastic school bus. Like many other migrants roaming around the downtown area, the family appears to be stuck in limbo. Without funds to leave the border city, many of the migrants told Breitbart Texas they would wait to see what happened. Julietta says the shelter has thus far not offered to fund the family’s trip to Houston. --->READ MORE HERE
Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas
EXCLUSIVE: Video Shows Migrants Released by Biden Admin Camping on El Paso Streets:
Migrants recently released by the Biden administration erected makeshift structures for several blocks and alleyways around the Sacred Heart Church in downtown El Paso. The migrants sought shade as afternoon temperatures neared 100 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday. Breitbart Texas observed the migrants, unable to bathe for several days, searching for relief from the heat on the city’s sidewalks and business entryways.
The migrants, many from Venezuela, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti, lay on the sidewalks of the city for three blocks surrounding the church. The migrants who spoke to Breitbart Texas said they had been living on the streets for anywhere between one and nine days after their release from Border Patrol custody.
The video above shows the crudely fashioned shade structures consisting of American Red Cross blankets, bed sheets, and cardboard in front of the church and for several blocks in the vicinity. Breitbart Texas counted more than one thousand migrants camped out in the area. Many more roamed farther from the area visiting downtown restaurants and businesses.
The scene is reminiscent of the September 2021 Haitian migrant crisis in Del Rio when nearly 20,000 mostly Haitian migrants crossed the Rio Grande and erected crudely built shelters on the banks of the river. One Dominican Republic migrant in downtown El Paso told Breitbart Texas he and most of the others camped out on the street have no money to pay for housing or travel away from the city. Jose Enrique, who is nearly 30 years old, says he will stay on the city’s streets until there is some way to get out of the border city.
As reported by Breitbart Texas, Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Paso Sector apprehended more than 41,000 migrants in April — making the sector the busiest crossing point along the southwest border. The April apprehension figure is up from the 39,512 taken into custody in March. --->READ MORE HERE
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